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Really, Guy?, Volume 2

And now for Volume 2 of Really, Guy?, my weekly column of utter disbelief.  This week we’ll be featuring the words of Glenn Beck.  If you don’t know his work, he’s a fat, sexless scrote-elf who yammers about Socialism (he’s … Continue reading

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So I had this amazingly stupid idea that was also AMAZINGLY AMAZING

Thus begins a new chapter in the ongoing saga of savage weirdness and perversion that is my life.  I, Bastard Keith, am submitting to a period, yet undefined, of chastity, to be supervised by my beloved wife and keeper, Madame … Continue reading

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Why Sucker Punch Will Save Us All

“I’ve been waiting 2 c a movie like SuckerPunch my whole life.” – Madame Rosebud’s Twitter Director Zack Snyder has so polarized his viewers, pitting those who adore his cinema du right-this-moment and supernatural genius for imagery against a growing … Continue reading

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Really, Guy?, Volume One

This marks the introduction of a weekly feature called “Really, Guy?” in which I, Bastard Keith, will highlight stupidity of an aggressive nature. To start? The Good Samaritan Himself, Rush Limbaugh. Easy target? Sure, but not only because he’s so … Continue reading

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Don’t Put Your Dick in a Racist (Not Actually Porn)

You know, I’m in my thirties now. One of the really amazing benefits of age is that I need increasingly scant reason to do anything. By the time I’m in my 50s, my lack of accountability will be ghastly. I’ll … Continue reading

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A Stab at Political Pornography, Circa 2005: Republican National Cumdumpster

It’s always a faintly astonishing moment when a mind glimpses the very bottom of its owners’ depravity and then finds itself willing to go further. Yesterday, shooting a local commercial for a not-to-be-named office cleaning company, I had such an … Continue reading

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Hello, Cruel World

Of all the enterprises to which I’ve been asked to lend my considerable reputation, Darling House has to be the tawdriest, the lowest, the most contemptibly exploitative. It is a scumhole for perverts and queers; a dank, fetid tit that … Continue reading

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