April Fools and the Week that Was at Darling House

Check out our updates:

JM Darling Fucks Your Fascist Beauty Standards.

Sovereign Syre talks about being the Queen of All Fool’s Day

Kate Hate revisits stripper drama.

Eric Walton celebrates Houdini’s birthday with some women in drag and bondage.

Dastardly Dave continues on the theme of women in Uniform.  He gives us a free gallery of the lovely A6M6Y6 in matching hat and riding crop.

Brandon B is on his way to becoming a sex star and goes Man Huntin’ !

Bastard Keith wonders about Glenn Beck and ponders the virtues of Chastity.

And while Eric Walton is celebrating escape artistry, my lovely Madame Rosebud is exploring sexual(ity) and escapsism.

Our resident Girl with Camera Emily Claire, also brings us her first shoot with Kate Hate along with a teaser video!.  Nom, nom, nom!

It’s been a fun week here at the Darling House and in a few weeks its going to get even more epic, with our first live broadcasts and a weekend retreat that promises to be full of debauchery, and of course, art that’s real, real artful.


Team Darling

About Sovereign Syre

We were raised as wolves, and wolves we will remain.
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