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We were raised as wolves, and wolves we will remain.


This was a photoset shot by George Pitts about six months ago, I believe.  My genderfluidtransperson Madame Rosebud styled me and did my makeup, and ended up in the photographs.  Ze said something to me later about how ze could … Continue reading

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April Fools and the Week that Was at Darling House

Check out our updates: JM Darling Fucks Your Fascist Beauty Standards. Sovereign Syre talks about being the Queen of All Fool’s Day Kate Hate revisits stripper drama. Eric Walton celebrates Houdini’s birthday with some women in drag and bondage. Dastardly … Continue reading

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Take on Me

I was making a cool promo video where a web cam vid I did was animated.  My editing suite is being a bitch though because “Technology hate human!”.  Here’s a gallery of stills instead, because you’re what I like to … Continue reading

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Magnificent Bastard

Back in the olden days it used to be a compliment to be a bastard.  Only the children of very important rakes were identified as such.  To be called a bastard was to call your father someone worth talking about. … Continue reading

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Eric Walton: Darling Fitzroy

Eric Walton is the kind of person who fits so well into his own character that its hard to imagine him doing anything with his life but what he does…he could have stepped out of a Victorian novel, and yet … Continue reading

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Summer Love

Some pictures I took of JM Darling over the summer in Florida.

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Tattooed Ganymede

JM Darling took these of Brandon B recently.  I love how impish Brandon can be.  He’s like the male Natalie Portman.  Enjoy!

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In the Twilight of Your Love

I took some portraits of JM Darling.  I wanted him to look like a silent film actor, so I put him in smokey eyes.  Trying to put makeup on a man is like trying to style a toddler’s hair, but … Continue reading

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Ghengis Tron

Nathan Appel came to visit me at the strangest set on earth.  It’s our favorite place to work.  We’ve done three shoots there.  So far.  We were listening to Ghengis Tron a lot.  Enjoy. Also and interview with Nathan:

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One Peach

I made this video for JM Darling while we were apart recently.  It was a love letter sent across satellites and involving some telemetry.  I re-edited it when I got back to Manhattan.  I like it a lot better now.

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