Dylan Ryan Teaches Shop Class

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Delectable Darling House Updates of the Week

Dastardly Deeds with Dave at Night: Dastardly Dave Dawson delivers erotic night  magic with model Manchester. Not to be missed.

Sovereign is the New Sovereign Queen of Fleshbot for the Day: Sovereign Syre gets her own Field Guide on Fleshbot with extensive interviews and photos.

Darling Fitzroy’s Early Education: Eric Walton weaves a tale of lies, magic and the Oklahoma State Fair.

Miss Kate Hate Teaches Us Stripper Slang: Our gal on the inside, Miss Kate Hate, gives us the low down on stripper slang. Get in on it, ‘yo. Love ya Kate~

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Dastardly Dave’s Dark (and glorious) Deeds

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Be My Baby

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Portrait of a real life courtesan. Off the clock. Hotel Rivington, NYC.

It's the little things you fall in love with. Even for only an hour.

By JM Darling

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-The- Dylan Ryan

I had the distinct pleasure of meeting and hanging out with Dylan Ryan after first connecting with her over a year ago. We had chatted and Skyped about working together long ago and I was fortunate to finally shoot her both professionally for Sov’s Sweetheart feature and then for our own pleasure finally the next day. I had the feeling that I had known her forever, but then again I’m sure she instills that in many people who encounter her, as full of warmth, grace and funk as she is. Here are small handful of images I took of her playing around Aiden Starr’s (thanks mama!) studio.

Sovereign and I have decided that DR is definately amongst the top 5 people we’ve met in the adult world in the past year. Already we’re brainstorming a short film around her and her delicious, specific brand of sexy. I don’t know that it’s a -brand- but the amalgamation of her qualities both physical and in her temperament feel so relevant, and necessary and open. She’s a creature of the times. Startlingly refreshing.

I’m looking forward to getting to know her more, making more pretty porno. And getting lost with her in bigger in and and better gas leaks (see previous post) in a sea of California margaritas.

Thanks Dylan.

I grope you in appreciation!



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Our Very Own Bastard Keith Interviewed in Time Out

Bastard Keith was interviewed by Time Out magazine about The Sophisticates, the burlesque event he and Madame Rosebud created together in NYC.

Time Out Interview

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Dark, Dark Magic Mistress

Hello friends,

I’ve been busy prepping PR and technology for our launch and have fallen behind and sharing some photo treats, but I’m back on schedule.

Here are some excerpts from a larger set of wonderful Mistress Varla whom I had the pleasure of shooting over the winter. Varla is a respected Dominatrix in the community. She’s also a sparkling wit and full of a warm emotional life that’s genuinely pleasurable to be around. We had fun play acting (her posing and me photographing) for a few set’s. I’d like to work with her again, a short film with harder, meaner themes:)


Thanks Dark Mistress Varla~

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This was a photoset shot by George Pitts about six months ago, I believe.  My genderfluidtransperson Madame Rosebud styled me and did my makeup, and ended up in the photographs.  Ze said something to me later about how ze could never show its vagina that way I do because the need to maintain an element of physical mystery about its gender, but that ze viewed my vagina as its.

Curious, non?

I love him/her.  I think its the most beautiful mannequin who was ever brought to life.  Enjoy this little gallery of my lover and I.

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April Fools and the Week that Was at Darling House

Check out our updates:

JM Darling Fucks Your Fascist Beauty Standards.

Sovereign Syre talks about being the Queen of All Fool’s Day

Kate Hate revisits stripper drama.

Eric Walton celebrates Houdini’s birthday with some women in drag and bondage.

Dastardly Dave continues on the theme of women in Uniform.  He gives us a free gallery of the lovely A6M6Y6 in matching hat and riding crop.

Brandon B is on his way to becoming a sex star and goes Man Huntin’ !

Bastard Keith wonders about Glenn Beck and ponders the virtues of Chastity.

And while Eric Walton is celebrating escape artistry, my lovely Madame Rosebud is exploring sexual(ity) and escapsism.

Our resident Girl with Camera Emily Claire, also brings us her first shoot with Kate Hate along with a teaser video!.  Nom, nom, nom!

It’s been a fun week here at the Darling House and in a few weeks its going to get even more epic, with our first live broadcasts and a weekend retreat that promises to be full of debauchery, and of course, art that’s real, real artful.


Team Darling

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