Miss Kate Hate is teh sexzorz! Photos from First Shoot!

Awww what a cute little Darling girl! <3 I love Kate Hate!

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Miss Kate Hate is teh sexzorz! Part II

Here is the not so safe teaser!

Kate Hate Less Tease!

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Miss Kate Hate is teh sexzorz!

I have had Miss Kate Hate pose for my twice so far, I have a blast giggling and taking photos of her. She is sweet as a cupcake and has these amazing blue eyes that sparkle like glitter! I love her and I hope you do to.

Here is the teaser video I shot on my webcam while doing our first photo shoot!

Miss Kate Hate and Miss Emily Claire

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The Miscellaneous Adventures Of Miss Emily Claire

Hello there! This is the obligatory first post of awesomeness. I just wanted to give you a quick wave! *waves*

And let you know to bookmark my blog… you will get to hear about my adventures, read my rants, see my pictures and watch my videos. This jumble of awesome will have a ton of stuff for you to read, look at, jerk off to or maybe give you an aneurysm.

love you!

miss emily claire

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