Dylan Ryan Teaches Shop Class (with Class)

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That Hansel Is So Hot Right Now

We had a big Darling House shoot yesterday with the NY contingent. Kate Hate drove up last minute and we made some really film works. Here is a quick moment of Sovereign and Brandon channeling Hansel and Gretel. Or something. I like it.


End of the world, guys. Kiss, have sex, call your mother.


That Hansel Is So Hot Right Now

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An Affectionate Portait of my Friend’s Friend’s Anus.

An Affectionate Portrait of My Friend's Friend's Anus

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Be My Baby

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Mars, USA.

Sovereign wanted to show me some dramatic California beauty to location scout for our next erotic short. There is no doubt wha I saw today was stunningly beautiful, sometimes painfully even. Even after all this time in your America, it can still feel like Mars to me.

Click on the photos to make them larger.

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Working with the Working Girls: Georgia

Over the years I’ve shot for a number of escort agencies in NYC. The flavor of agencies themselves have varied greatly. From Japanese massage type work where they needed pretty cliche glamour poses, a couple Russian mob groups where I’d have to shoot at hidden locations at 3am while I could hear the girls servicing clients in the next room and, most notoriously, for the two biggest agencies with which had to do with the falling of Governor Spitzer.

If any of you had followed that story, you’ll know that these weren’t the traditional image of say, like, a Time Square crack hooker from the 70s. These were totally modern, young, smart, mostly college educated, fashionable NY gals who were making RIDICULOUS money. The powers that be who threw this together had a knack for identifying not necessarily the most beautiful girls, (while they were always hot, of course) but certainly all possessing an all American accessibility. When I was asked why this group was so successful, my answer had always been that the guys dropping the cash for these ladies were newly successful guys buying the company of girls they knew in college (but possibly couldnt attain) or even high school.

I don’t know why I was hired. I never felt like I was the right man for the job as they generally wanted glitzy glamour shots that was then outside of my portfolio. But the girls liked shooting with me and the bosses knew I’d get the job done without any funny business. What they didn’t know is that they girls would invite me to go out, party and shoot outside of work. I’ll never forget a random phone call to come by the W at 4am to share about 12 bottles of Dom Perignon with two of the gals I had befriended and watch them roll around in the 18K they had made that day, all in the bed. All I was thinking is: “Ladies, you’re ruining those $100 bills”. But yeah, this life exists in NY.

Most of these shots I can’t ever show, they were given directly to the bosses. But every now and then I’d hit it off with the gals and they’d throw me a few frames after the shoot, sign the model releases and give me a kiss before they headed out the door to brave the jungle of NY and find their own stories. I’m still friends with many of these girls and feel privileged to have a window into the lives of our world’s oldest profession. I’ll be sharing some these portraits moving on. This is Georgia.

Clicking on these makes them larger:

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10 Minutes Alone with Cat

Cat and I had 10 minutes alone in a hotel. Armed with a citizens camera (mine on the blink) and a window, we did what one should in such situations. She has some magic, no?

Clicking on the smaller photos enlarges them.

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-The- Dylan Ryan

I had the distinct pleasure of meeting and hanging out with Dylan Ryan after first connecting with her over a year ago. We had chatted and Skyped about working together long ago and I was fortunate to finally shoot her both professionally for Sov’s Sweetheart feature and then for our own pleasure finally the next day. I had the feeling that I had known her forever, but then again I’m sure she instills that in many people who encounter her, as full of warmth, grace and funk as she is. Here are small handful of images I took of her playing around Aiden Starr’s (thanks mama!) studio.

Sovereign and I have decided that DR is definately amongst the top 5 people we’ve met in the adult world in the past year. Already we’re brainstorming a short film around her and her delicious, specific brand of sexy. I don’t know that it’s a -brand- but the amalgamation of her qualities both physical and in her temperament feel so relevant, and necessary and open. She’s a creature of the times. Startlingly refreshing.

I’m looking forward to getting to know her more, making more pretty porno. And getting lost with her in bigger in and and better gas leaks (see previous post) in a sea of California margaritas.

Thanks Dylan.

I grope you in appreciation!



Face and Grace

[caption id="attachment_471" align="alignleft" width="640" caption="Face and Grace"]Face and Grace[/caption]

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This in on my Shoulder? Yes?

I think this is my Sleeve Tattoo

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Panic at the Disco!

After a busy run of things Sov, Dylan Ryan and I decided to try to let our hair down for a moment. We picked up our friend Lux at the W and headed over to the Abbey where, after a visit to the loo, I was propositioned for sex and adventure 4 times in 5 minutes by 5 different, men. I think must have been wearing my lucky shirt or something…

Cue chocolate martini’s, Baby Lofty’s aphrodisiac of choice.

Like Rome before the Fall. Plebes revel in their Bacchanal

We were joined by the likes of Zoe Voss, Richie, Wolf Hudson, Sinn Sage, Aiden Starr (who was gracious enough to let me shoot in her space a little earlier in the day), Drew Deveaux and others. I think I spotted Kimberly Kane joining the growing fray.

People’s hands seemed to be getting full and highjinxs were peaking when the high shrieking sound of what seemed to be a fire alarm went off.

Without warning hundreds of people were rushed outside, pushing through the smell of a gas leak.

Once outside our group had lost Sov and others and people (me) were pretty stressed in finding her. All’s well that ends well of course, but I can tell you many a persons sexy adventures for the night were soberingly doused with mass alert boner killer.

I think Dylan Ryan’s face speaks for us all when the party was shut down.
caption id=”attachment_453″ align=”aligncenter” width=”640″ caption=”Dylan’s Face Speaks For Us All: A Sea of Blueballs”][/Dylan's Face Speaks For Us All: A Sea of Blueballs"]

Richie, lost in the chaos.

I’m gearing up to leave LA and it should be said I’m already missing LA nights, my beautiful, perverted new friends and the promise of west coast adventure.

Hope we can hook up for real, pretty Los Angeles.


my drunken, sweaty portrait shot by Miss Zoe V.

Zoe V's Official Seal. Yes, I had planned on getting even -more- inebriated. I know how to do that. I've practiced.

ps. Should I go back and pay the bar tab?

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