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We were raised as wolves, and wolves we will remain.

Big Sur

JM Darling helped make a video calling card for me.  Check it out: Also, some nudes from the trip for you to enjoy!

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Reprieve on the Stoop

This is one of my favorite poems.  It’s by Belle Waring, from her book Refuge.  I’m filming my first adult movie tomorrow.  This has been running through my head all day like a Buddhist chant. Reprieve on the Stoop Belle … Continue reading

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Some Color

It’s interesting how color can change the feel of a photo set.

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No Bueno

My laptop finally died.  I’ve been stuck with a loaner computer without photoshop or the ability to skype.  It sucks balls.  I haz no photoshop to make myself pretty for you! (:_;) I’ve been silent here for a little while, … Continue reading

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Fra Angelica

Shooting with Holly Randall is one of the cooler aspects of working in adult.  It’s one of the few chances a regular girl gets to feel like a fashion model.  You’re doted on, you get the best hair and makeup, … Continue reading

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I have to say one of the coolest things about being queer is getting to be touched sexually by Madame Rosebud.  I love her.  She is like my brain twin. Here we are shot by George Pitts.  She’s playing James … Continue reading

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This is the first poem I published. I wrote it when I was 18.  I was a sophmore in college and contemplating majors.  My English professor suggested I write a poem about what I thought it meant to be beautiful.  … Continue reading

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A Different Kind of Sex Doll

This is a photo of me by Creative Rehab.  I really like it.  I was hungover after a night of getting plastered with Matt Berry and his mates in a hookah bar on the Lower East Side.  I really like … Continue reading

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I’m coming to terms with my freckles.

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Photo by Kvaal:

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