A review of Mich Masoch’s “Lina & Nate Series” by Anna B Volk


In times of literary pseudo-erotic nonsense, when the concepts of bondage, SM and discipline are being sold to be lightly consumed as the newest sexual fad, one could be easily tempted into believing that the romantic essence of a BDSM relationship equals the profundity of a popcorn and soda movie. For the majority of the literature being commercially produced on this topic, this might indeed be the case. But just like real jazz will only be found away from the market-driven popular semi-lit bar lounges, good erotica produced under the slant of BDSM must have true, honest, and heartfelt origins. This is how Mich Masoch’s “Lina & Nate Series” can be perceived: as the black resistance organic foundations of jazz, only in written smut style.


Writing erotica is not an easy task.  Catering to different styles and sexual preferences must transcend the writer’s own expectations and reach for an audience who might not fully comprehend the universe which is being unveiled throughout the pages. When the eroticism gravitates around BDSM issues, the relationship between a reader’s own erotic elements and those present on the text proves to be even more complex, since BDSM is a very personal experience, something that exists exclusively between specific partners and that suffers alterations as relationships develop.


The four short stories in Lina’s Submission: Four Complete Quick & Dirty BDSM Short Stories – Lina & Nate Series 1-4 (http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00EK8LCQ4) disclose the intimacy of a 10-year-married couple and their gradual entrance into the BDSM universe. It would be simple for a writer to resort to extensive descriptions of bondage acts, apparel, toys and physical reactions.  Masoch, however, is able to intertwine very graphic sexual descriptions – that leads the reader into a heavy-breath trance – and psychoanalytical first person narratives that elucidate the journey Lina is making towards an understanding of this new façade of hers.  This way, Masoch is able to work through an elicitation of intimate feelings of mutual trust, hope, vulnerability, strength of purpose, desire, and love even from a reader who, at first, is not part of the relationship she narrates, nor shares personal identification with the BDSM environment.


This is not, however, a book for beginners, or for people who expect to find a romanticized and unreal sexualized relationship. To fully perceive the complexities of Lina and Nate’s relationship one must be ready and open to an infinite number of colors – not only shades, and not only fifty.



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