I described this shoot to Jeselyn she was all in. That’s what I love about working with her. If I have an odd idea for experimental smut, I know where other models might hesitate… she’ll go for it. The complete set of these images are on Jeselyn’s website Signup and see her in all her smutty glory ;)

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Experiment with Sylvia

Again, I get bored in the studio and try to scheme up new ways to shoot pretty naked ladies. It takes a special model to pull this stuff off, she needs to be patient and be able to envision the final product without being able to see it. Sylvia is awesome and very smart and willing to let me play, within reason ;)

So for this one I had a blue gelled constant light and used a 6 second exposure and them popped a couple flashes at random intervals and got some neat results. Hey worst case Sylvia is still beautiful and naked!

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Windows at night with Manchester

Every night while closing the studio for the night I see the most interesting light coming in through the old poured glass. Last time Manchester visited I knew she would put up with my strange shoot ideas so I shot this set of her.

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How thin the veil that lies between the pain of hell and paradise.

On my last trip to Darling House we did a little webcast while Soverign and I shot the rated G portion of this set and of course the clothing got scarce and the beauty that is Sov emerged from the veil.

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Projector Experiment with Manchester

I get bored. The whole studio light thing, light meters, softboxes, strobes… Every once in a while I get a hairbrained idea to try something a little different.

Manchester is a model that is pretty much down for anything creative and smutty and is generally willing to indulge my little creative experiments.

We teach a lot of classes at SOPHA, the studio where  I shoot, and there is a LCD projector permanently mounted on the ceiling in one of the studios. I thought it would be cool to use it to light a shoot. I hooked my PowerBook up to it and having found a bunch of trippy artwork on Google, proceeded to project the images on Manchester and make some photographs. Here are the results.

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Rizzo at the Thunderbird Motel

Rizzo was in for a visit and she and Jeselyn came up to Manchester for a visit and a shoot. The studio was booked up so we got a room at a local motel. We shot a couple sets of them together and I also shot solo shots of each of them.

I have to say Rizzo is a blast to work with. Not shy at all and has the cutest laugh. If you can tell jokes while some dude is photographing your butt hole…then I want to meet ya!

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Manchester in the Makeup Room

I’ve pretty much shot in every room in the studio I shoot at. Manchester and I were looking over outfits in the makeup room and I suggested we ditch the outfit and just shoot nudes on the counter in front of the mirrors.

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Natural Light shots with Amy

Amy has rapidly become one of my favorite subjects. We have lots of fun shooting and I think it shows in the work. This series is shot in natural light in the north facing end of the studio with a v-flat as a bounce. After so many shoots with strobes I find myself drawn to the simplicity and beauty of these images.

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This was an experimental shoot origionally intended for a guest blog I was supposed to do on FLNGs. I held these images for a while and a few other sets I will share here but it never happened so I decided I would release them here.

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Black Leather with A6M6Y6

I’ve shot with A6M6Y6 a couple times now and we always have a great time. Mostly she runs around the studio nude and we talk. Occasionally we make some pictures. These are one of the outfits we shot last time. I love the hat on her… makes the pics oddly kinkier than without the hat.

You’ll be seeing more of her and I want to shoot her often.

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