Women, playing to Bukowski by Dastardly Dave 8.27.12


Leanna and I have been shooting a lot recently. I have a thing for redheads… well honestly I have a thing for brunettes and blondes too but Leanna is infectious and a lot of fun to work with.

When she asked if I had read anything by Bukowski and if I would be into doing a shoot of her reading her copy of “Women” I was all for it.

“Where did all the women come from? The supply was endless. Each one of them was individual, different. Their pussies were different, their kisses were different, their breasts were different, but no man could drink them all, there were too many of them, crossing their legs, driving men mad. What a feast!”
― Charles Bukowski, Women

Leanna can be found here: leannabanana.com

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2 Responses to Women, playing to Bukowski by Dastardly Dave 8.27.12

  1. Ralph says:

    This woman has great tattoos and a great body. The setting is also really nice. Love that couch!

  2. kencredible says:

    Great set Dave!

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