CONSENT MONTH: by Otto V 9.26.12

Perhaps it is a reflection of my age, my upbringing or my experience, but CONSENT is a word that, for whatever reason, is inextricably associated with sex, as in consensual sex. I cannot hear the word consent and not immediately think about it in a sexual context. During the mid 80s it was a phrase I heard often, usually related to rape, there was William Kennedy Smith case, The Jodie Foster movie “The Accused”, and some of the early date rape cases.

The irony of consent is that we usually never actually discuss or agree to consent to sex. I have never had a partner suddenly say “I consent to have sex with you”. I imagine on some levels that would be a lot easier than trying to interpret a woman’s desires in the heat of passion, but it generally doesn’t work that way. Consent is one of those mysteries of human sexual relations. It’s a gray area of decisiveness, that moment where, you have to take a chance and see if you are rejected or not. I suppose, as a man, I could randomly approach women and ask for consent, but that might land me in trouble or, at least, tarnish my reputation.

For some, consent is a much deeper well. They consent not only to sex, but to a much more intense level of trust and abandon. They give themselves fully to their lovers, to do with as they please, they willingly enslave themselves to the one they trust above all others. The slave or submissive role seems to me to be the ultimate consent. The willingness to suffer for another’s pleasure and at the same time receive pleasure from it seems to go beyond what most of us would consider ‘consent’.

I have been honored to photograph and witness such intimate consent on numerous occasions. Most of these sessions were private, however, a few years ago, I met a model in Italy who asked if I would photograph her and her boyfriend while they made love. At first, I was a bit uncertain if we were talking about the same thing, she was Italian after all, and as often is the case, I wanted to be sure that we were both speaking about the same thing. After some lengthy discussions, I felt things were very clear and we made arrangements for the shoot.

I have to admit, while I had experience shooting women together, this was the first time I had the opportunity to shoot and man and woman making love. I was a bit nervous about it because I was uncertain how I would react to the situation and how it would turn out. However, when the time came, I decided to go with the flow and let things happen as they may. At first, it was like any normal shoot, but soon, things became very heated very passionate. They took turns playing with each other, but soon, he took complete control of her. It started playfully, but soon, he was spanking her ass so hard that I am sure everyone in that small Tuscan village could hear, and if they did not hear the slapping of his hand on her behind, they certainly heard her moans and cries. It was at times sensual, at times intense, and at times shocking how she gave herself to him with such willingness.

Soon they began to fuck. I felt as though I was watching two wild animals. There were no bounds, it was pure and wild and I felt privelged to witness it. After some time, he took a break, he led her to the other room where he placed a collar and leash upon her. She became his puppy, he walked her around on her hands and knees on the cold brick floor, pausing so she could lick his toes. He then used the leather strap of the leash, slapping her ass and pussy, fingering her asshole for good measure. She moaned and cried but did not seem to want it to end. As a reward he offered her his cock which she lovingly took into her mouth. The images attached are just a sampling of the entire encounter, and there is a short video as well. I am currently selling a collector’s package featuring these images and more video clips. If you want more details, please contact me at, subject line: SPANK.

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  1. Otto: nicely written memoir of shooting a ‘consenting’ couple. Did you endeavor to ‘direct’ the course of the activity at all; or do your images occur through the documentary approach of going with the flow?

    I find that when I shoot couples of all persuasions, that once I get over the privilege of shooting such intimate exchanges, that there is still the hard work ahead of actually capturing those pictures that represent one’s own aesthetic. To shoot couples is a gift; yet I’ve found it’s tricky to shape the material into one’s signature image voice.

  2. Dear George,

    Thank you for your comments and questions.

    My approach to shooting anyone, individuals, couples, etc.., is to combine both approaches. Typically, before a shoot, I like to talk with my participants. I try to explain how I work, what I am hoping to have as a result, and all the other model/photographer details like payment, contracts, use of images, etc.

    The goal is to come to a mutual understanding so both the participants and myself are comfortable and ready to proceed. In these discussions, and particularly in the case of this couple, the goal is not to dictate precise outcomes. My goal is to capture something real and emotional. I don’t want to fake it, so there is a lot of latitude for the participants to explore that territory within certain, pre-defined parameters.

    During the session, I usually inject my own ideas and preferences as things are proceeding. I do this subtly, not invasively. I don’t say “CUT!!” and break the mood, but I might whisper or signal with hand gestures to get the participants to react a certain way. Granted, this is much easier with an individual model. When you have a couple and especially in this case, I was very wary of disturbing their rhythm.

    In terms of my aesthetic, what I am really aiming for in my work is more of a voyeuristic perspective. My work has always been about revealing private or secret moments. Those type of images come from moments of comfort and trust. When I feel that, I shoot.

    Thanks again, always a pleasure.


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