AUTHENTICITY MONTH: “Leave You In Me’ a film by Dutch Doscher 10.2.12

An unexpected admission emerges while a couple is making love.

Editor’s note: I’m incredibly proud to present Dutch Doscher’s award-winning film “Leave Me In You” in which naked, emotionally and physically, the characters must confront a tangled web of love, sex and betrayal. Their path to reconciliation leads to a dark and uncertain forgiveness. I feel lucky to have such a tender, truthful and beautifully filmed work of art showcased on our site.

Read some of the stellar reviews by film luminaries below. Please show your appreciation watching it when you have time to spare-enjoy the precise photography and open hearted, truthful performances. If you enjoy it, feel free to spread the love by leaving a comment here.

Dutch’s bio is below.

Happy October.


Joshua Darling
founder, Darling House

Leave You In Me from Dutch Doscher on Vimeo.

•“I didn’t want to turn it off”, Jonathan Demme, Silence Of The Lambs.

•“The film is superb, well shot and acted”, Mark Romanek, Director One Hour Photo.

•“Shot in gorgeous black and white, it was really good like a Fellini movie”, Bobby Rivers, Whoopie Goldberg Show

•“Gorgeous, raw emotion. A supremely human experience. A love letter.” Robert Luketic, Director Legally Blond

• ”I was stunned by the combination of Doscher’s technical prowess (the black-and-white film is flawlessly shot end edited) and the fact that he and screenwriter Michael Darin Cohen were willing to deal with sex so directly and had found two excellent actors (Sarah Jaye and Andrew Ramaglia) who were willing to bare their bodies as well as their emotions.” Joe Meyers CT Post

Dutch Doscher is a Freelance Director of corporate content, commercials, films and after school specials. He has produced and directed content for firms such as Deloitte & Touche, Pfizer Pharmaceutical, National Geographic, HCCS, Sunburst and Prentice Hall.

Dutch Doscher began his career as a Casting Director for industrials and soon expanded into after school films. Following years of casting, Dutch was awarded the opportunity to direct a production on bullying amongst school age children. Dutch has worked with some of the biggest young stars in the business including Frankie Munez (Malcolm In The Middle) Katrina Bowden (30 Rock) Scott Terra (Daredevil) and Lady Gaga (Pop Star), to name a few.

Dutch has subsequently directed and produced over 50 commercials and after school specials earning numerous awards from organizations such as the Association of Visual Communications, The Columbus Film & Video Festival Awards, Questar Educational Awards, Connecticut Film Festival, Cannes Short Film Corner, Los Angeles Shorts Festival, New Filmmakers New York City, International Filmmaker Film Festival, and Houston International Film Festival. Most recently, Dutch has directed a 6-episode series addressing conflict resolution for middle school students. He also traveled around the country producing an award winning documentary on “Huffing, The dangers of inhalants.”

Inspired by the craft of filmmaking, Dutch began to produce his own short films. His black and white short film “Leave You In Me” won best fiction film and numerous acting awards in over 25 film festivals.

Dutch has been a semi-finalist for the shows “On The Lot” and “Project Greenlight.” His skills represent all facets of a production.

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3 Responses to AUTHENTICITY MONTH: “Leave You In Me’ a film by Dutch Doscher 10.2.12

  1. Oliver Godby says:

    This really made my Tuesday; what a compelling piece of work! Thanks so much for posting this!

  2. Joni O. says:

    Very beautiful and moving.

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