“This is Forty-one” by Dana Vespoli Photos by JM Darling


I flipped through a fashion magazine the other day. Every other page was an advertisement for products that “reverse the signs of aging.” There were more and more ads and articles explaining “how to turn back the clock.” Growing older is gross, the magazine seemed to indicate. Your value, as a woman, is directly proportionate to how young you are, or how young you look.

Someone asked me recently if, I could forever be a certain age–which age would I want to be. I thought about it and realized I love my 40s. Fuck my 20s–I was arrogant and took everything for granted. My 30s were tricky–a lot of life lessons, stumbling to get my footing, a failed marriage, but the joy of motherhood. Now I am 41, and I wouldn’t trade the wisdom and independence I have now for my 20 year old body.

JM Darling and I did a photo shoot to celebrate 41. Here I am without makeup and retouching. My stomach has stretch marks, I have bags under my eyes, and I have a c section scar. This is my body, and I am proud of it. I refuse to lie about my age, or feel ashamed about how my body responds to the passage of time. I accept it. I honor it. I celebrate it. I hope more women decide to do the same.–Dana Vespoli

Photographers note: These photographs were taken without makeup or retouching as suggested by Dana. When I think of Dana I think of someone who feels complete. She embodies artistry, compassion, wit, style, humor, beauty with ease and grace. She is one of them most embodied people I know. I’m proud to be her friend. Happy Birthday, Dana.


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6 Comments on “This is Forty-one” by Dana Vespoli Photos by JM Darling

  1. very beautiful…are any for sale ???

  2. milton haynes // September 21, 2013 at 8:59 pm // Reply

    U look good enough 2 eat~~ i’m 81 years old and just starting 2 explore the porn videos– can U tell me which ones U’ve been in?

  3. I’m reminded of a line from the Pete Townshend Song “Stop Hurting People”: “For that is what true beauty is: Time’s gift to perfect humility.” Looks like time has graced you with true beauty. Happy birthday, Dana. And well done, Joshua.

  4. “There is no excellent beauty that hath not some strangeness in the proportion.”

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