Escapism is really about Attention to Detail- part 1

ME! Stretching, you filthy pervs ; ) Photo by Jo Boobs

So my babies, its been a long time hasn’t it? Since I’ve shared too much, in those TMI posts from the past. Well now as a Darling I’m sure the intamacy level is only going to get deeper. I’m honered to be a member, I’m thrilled to be a part of a sexy tribe. I like the idea of a sex tribe….. an xxxtribe if you will.

After I was asked to join I stopped writing on my own blog as Darling House was being fined tuned… and allot has happened in the interum. When last I was writing I was in the process of “coming out” and finding my feet in the communtiy. I had just told my Mother, and was trying to make new friends. I had put all other sexual distractions like kinks and fetishes off to the side whilst I dove head first into as many vaginas as possible. Which was allot less fun than it sounds. But WHAT a difference a 4 month break makes.

I’m sure you’ve all meet my girlfriend: Sovereign Syre (Head Mistress Blogger of DH)

Top Vagina- Pic by Holly Randal

I’m also sure you’ve met my husband/slave: Bastard Keith (also a Blogger here on DH)

Bath TIME <3

There are of course other playmates who’s identities shall remain secret because not EVERYONE lives their life for YOUR consumption. Just know they’re out there, being preyed upon by me ; )

Within this 4 month period I’ve acquired all these gems! And a new grounded sense of my identity, that thing that just kept running from me, slipping through my hungry fingers like smoke. I am your queer gender fluid/trans man- female impersonator/strip-tease artist of action… how nicely it rolls off my tongue. But you can call me LadyBoi. Just DON’T call me SHE if you want me to really pay attention to you. I may sometimes refer to myself as “woman” but it’s only in conversation where I’m referring to my female body and the experiences one has as the result of having a biological female growing up experience…. its my sex not my gender: don’t you love it?!

In these 4 months I came out to my Father. My FOX watching, Liberal hating Father. He said quote: “I’ll never go to a do-dad parade in San Francisco with you, but I’m proud of you”. SHOCKING, and wonderful, there was much crying, but no disowning, or throwing out of the house. He even made a cute joke the day after when filling out my airplane ticket information online…. when he had to bubble the F box for sex , he looked at me and said “you’re an F….. or are YOU?!” and then playfully bubbled the M box… but then switched it back. We laughed. My father and I actually shared a laugh about the fact that I am something he has been terrified of all his life. It was good. -(I will trick him into coming to a do-dad parade….one of these days!)

While the dust settled in these 4 months with regard to my RAGING QUEERNESS… I finally got to pay some much needed attention to some other important ME needs…. I really had some time to devote to understanding my fetishes. First and foremost is all the elements that go into female impersonation. Each of these elements disassembled doesn’t really inspire fetishistic fervor in me but when combined just right….. I’m getting a sherection just thinking about it. Full face makeup, styled hair, choice jewelry, quality lingerie (I like both stockings AND pantyhose), a good set of false nails, eyelash enhancements,  and of course beautiful shoes- OH and PERFUME, I can’t believe I forgot- top quality perfume without it, your just wasting my time. I may not be able to control myself. A beautiful woman in full drag is a fetish object for me. MmmmmmHhhmmm. I guess we could distill this down to: I have a fem fetish. But it goes beyond that. Perhaps a better title is drag fem fetish: I like a woman who paints on her eyebrows, does the lip liner beyond her natural lip line, and goes out at 11:00 am with full drag eye makeup. My head is swimming just thinking of such a creature. I like to play dress up as one myself: its fun to turn myself on.

I’ve written a little here and there about my knitwear fetish, I’m still learning what knits trigger it… so far as in all things only the most expensive seems to really set me ablaze. a fine cashmere knit especially in a cable like pattern, makes me need to touch myself in the changing room…..And now the one I have in closet is singing to me “come touch me…… I’ll make you feel satisfied” RAWR! Stop it sweater! I’ll deal with you later!

OMG Sheer cashmere! This MY PORN!!!!

But really the fetishes I’ve been having fun diving into are not my own. My new sturdy confidence has enabled me to embrace long hidden desires of mine…kinks. I am now proud to embrace myself a purveyor of Dominance. I realize now there really was no other path for me than this…. on stage I seek to control, and engineer peoples experiences…. why would I not in real life also? Along with this new satisfying role I’ve also discovered a pretty strong sadistic streak. Something I always suppressed because I didn’t want to be thought of as crazy…. but now with right outlet…. no one can really judge the fact that: YES I like to make people suffer. ESPECIALLY sexually. Mostly when its a means of teaching them a new attractive discipline that renders them better able to service my desires. MOSTLY.

Fun fetishes I like indulging:

Ass worship



Mind games


Public displays of submission


The last one also being a fetish of mine. Something about not having access to my slaves sex organs makes me ravenous…. which in turn leads to other fun things like cuckolding. Delicious don’t you think? I like being married I must say! And though actual sex is still not of great interest to me, with all these sex derived activities how could I not be drowning in orgasms. This is what I’ve learned in these last 4 months of bliss: Just BE. Sex defines my life. It always has. And though I may be freak, I have every right to be happy. And as a creatrix I choose to fill my life to the seductions, enslavement’s, performances, enhancements, and devotions of those who would like play, understand, and belong to me.



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