Scenes From The Strip Club


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What not to do when your stripper friend is at work.

Stop f-in\’ arguing with me while I\’m at work.

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Strip Club Signs in Philly, PA 2011

You can check out more strip club signs and scenes, pictures taken by other strippers here.

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Stripper Slang in America

I recently read an interesting article on stripper slang in the UK. I have never heard of any of the slang they mentioned until now, so I decided to compile a list of stripper slang that I know of used in the US. Feel free to add your own slang in the comments section!

Mark- A customer. Like at a gun range, you’re aiming for them. “He was a total mark. He bought 5 hours in the Champagne room, I barely had to work all night!”

Room- A Champagne room. “I haven’t done any rooms tonight, these guys are such cheap asses!”

Captain Save-A-Ho- Guy that comes into the club trying to “save the girls”, tells them they’re too pretty to work there, to smart to work there. Often offers an alternative lifestyle to the dancer’s current, mostly one that involves running away with him. “He didn’t spend any money AND he tried to play Captain Save a Ho!”

clap- To make one’s ass cheeks wiggle back and forth while either standing or on all fours. “Cherish can make it clap the best, that chick’s got a fat ass!!”

floor work- Dancing primarily done on the floor, such as ass clapping, leg spreading, etc. “My knees are fucked from all the floor work I did last night!”

pole work- Dancing primarily done on the pole, pole tricks. “My legs are bruised to shit because I was trying to do pole work.”

money- A customer or group of customers that are spending. “That group over there is totally money. Let’s tag team them!”

make it rain- So throw several dollars on to the dancer of your choice, giving theĀ appearanceĀ it is “raining money”. “Those dudes over there just made it rain, like, a grand on Sugar!”

handsy mchanderson- I might be the only person who says this, but, a guy who can’t keep his hands to himself and follow the rules. “Watch out for handsy mchanderson over there. He tried to touch my pussy 5 times in the lap dance room!”

couch dance- Often used as an alternative to the phrase “lap dance”. “I did 30 couch dances last night!”

clean dances- Dances where the dancer doesn’t do anything that could be considered prostitution (hand jobs, blow jobs, sex). “We only do clean dances here.”

dirty- A dancer who sucks/gives hand jobs/fucks in the club. “I thought she was doing clean dances but Samantha is dirty!”

regular- A customer that comes to the club to see a certain girl, often. “Jenna’s regular was here, and Foxy tried to take him back for a dance, so she punched that bitch!”

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How I used the break up of my longest relationship to gain sympathy and make money at work

Most strippers don’t tell guys they’re in a relationship because it ruins the clients fantasy about any chance they might have with you. Especially the younger guys. However, it seems that if you tell guys that you’ve just broken up with a significant other, it’s exciting for them. THEY could be your rebound!! THEY could offer you all the hot sex you were missing out on!! This weekend I attempted to use my heart ache to my advantage and it worked. Guys extended their champagne rooms for 15-30 minutes longer because they thought if they just could tell me a little bit more about how talented they are in the sack, they would manage to get me to their luxury casino hotel. Guys bought 3 lapdances instead of 1 so they could help me with my pity party. They tipped me an extra $5-20 on average, to help me “start my new life”. They offered to put me up in their cities for a couple days “no pressure just so I could relax”. All in all I would say it was pretty successful other than the fact that I apparently looked pretty miserable, as my friend asked me if I was “fucked up” while we were in the dressing room and I was trying not to cry whilst coming up with ideas for interior decorating in order to make my home look less lonely. I wouldn’t use my pity party tactic every night, but it seemed to work for the first week of my recovery. Next week I’ll try a “I’m single and so horny it’s killing me” approach.

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Where I spazz at people for telling me what to do.

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Stevie Dances to Gucci Mane

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I talk about my first time stripping.

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Stevie Kitts loves Lil Wayne.

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