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MANHUNTIN’: “do you have secrets tatoos on ur body?”

I mentioned before that I am on the cruise sites often when writing and that I usually am just there to chat and mess around.  I don’t really hook up the way people assume I do, I just like distractions. … Continue reading

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New Pics of Moi by JM Darling

Did you guys see my new pics? I look so innocent! Check them out on The House Blog.

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To Shave or Not to Shave?

Once upon a time I told myself that I would never do three things: Work in the food industry, do my own laundry, or become a model.  Modeling was never something that I felt as though I had a natural … Continue reading

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I Heart Joshua Darling

On Sunday I am shooting some new content for PLAN B with Joshua Darling.  He has this amazing ability to capture romantic eroticism in his work and I am honored to be working with him.  After just one shoot he … Continue reading

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To-Do List

I don’t like to be restrained, I like to be able to move freely. I like to be man handled, tossed around, and I don’t like things like ropes and cuffs inhibiting my movement. This time though he insists on looping his belt around … Continue reading

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MANHUNT calls me their “fave sex blogger”

For those not familiar with MANHUNT, it’s basically a gay hook up website where men post pictures of their dicks, asses, bodies, and sometimes faces in an effort to coordinate hook ups.  I joined the site back when I worked … Continue reading

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“You Shall Not Hate in Your Heart” premieres on The Dagger

The still right up there is my sexy mouth.  I used to want some serious DSL (dick sucking lips) but I have come to really enjoy the aesthetic of my mouth.  It looks even better with a dick in it. … Continue reading

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“Hi, what the f*ck is PLAN B?”

My name is Brandon B. and I am a Taurus from Los Angeles.  I was raised in a poor but supportive family and upon turning 18 immersed myself in the Hollywood lifestyle.  I am a published poet, I have done … Continue reading

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