Skanks in Pearls featuring Brandon B.

If you come to this, I’ll totally make out with you.  I’m not joking.

I am making my debut in the HOT! Festival here in New York City on July 28th for the new show Skanks in Pearls!

When I turned 30 this year I promised myself to make space to be creative and get back on the performance wagon.  I’ve been sponsoring everyone else making art for years and have sorta put my stuff on the back burner.  Well I don’t expect to live beyond the age of 50 (see; low bone density), so I’d better get crackin’, and Skanks in Pearls is pretty much my unofficial “return.”

We have already been featured on the Huffington Post as on of the comedy shows that you should see, and people haven’t even seen what I do yet!  Which is kinda funny that I keep getting asked to perform at events, because all I ever really do is giggle into the microphone and talk about what a dumb ho I am.

Anyway, I hope you can make it.  It’s only $5, and The Pleasure Chest will be giving away all kinds of sex toys and gift cards to those who attend, so really there aren’t too many excuses not to go and support the wonderful people I’ll be performing with.

p.s. buy me a drink after the show because I will likely be experiencing a cold sweat from being sober at 10PM on a Saturday.

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