The Courtesan Project

This is an informal situation.

I’m not editing this as I’m writing.  There’s another time and place for the more thoughtful, careful kind of writing that I’ve been trained to do.  This is a blog.


I’ve been quiet around here.  I’ve been going through a personal investigation, trying to find meaning, focus, and a sense of purpose.  I think it’s healthy to step back from time to time and re-evaluate and revise what I’m doing and where I’m going and why.

I am about to endeavor on a massive personal project and I am inviting you along.

I’m calling this the “Courtesan Project.”

I’m  about to endeavor to become a modern-day courtesan, I use the word courtesan, because I mean to include sexuality in my course of study on courtiery. This is not to say, I’m endeavoring to become a prostitute with wealthy clients, it is more to approach the view of myself as a sex worker with a sense of pride and framed in a historical context that elevates sex work, and the sex worker.

I want to cultivate and grow within myself, a new person….

I want to document this journey of self-discovery and development.

Over the next year I am going to undertake a new method of living, a new way of seeing and being.  Perhaps it is the eternal student in me, perhaps it is my rational nature, but I want to DO something different.

This transformation will be firstly psychological and incidentally physical.

I could write five different essays about my motivations, and I will, overtime, contribute those here.  But I thought I would include you in the entire process, from the nascent idea, to fruition of my thesis.

How does one endeavor to become a courtesan?  What is a courtesan?  What should a courtesan be able to do? Why would one want to do this?

These are all questions I’m going to be answering here on a weekly basis.

I will be sharing here an entire process.


About sovereignsyre

We were raised as wolves, and as wolves we shall remain.
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3 Responses to The Courtesan Project

  1. Rick Bains says:

    Thoroughly intrigued to read about this further.

  2. Pat! says:

    i look forward to reading about this as you go along

  3. georgette says:

    awesome lady! I’m really looking forward to following along. I have a friend, that I think you would enjoy from her sharings and teachings as well. Cheers to life filled with purpose, and erotic engagements!


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