The One Who Got Away by Sovereign 3/2/13


I once had an agent tell me that there was “no market” for my “average, ordinary, girl-off-the street look.”

You should try as much as possible to avoid the unimaginative.

Also, it helps to be a versatile bitch.

Oh, and always be the-one-who-got-away.  I cannot stress the importance of being awesome in getting ahead socially…and having a short-term memory when it comes to insults.

I’m the J-Grrl for March over at  You should go join and see all the photos!  I love Richard Avery, and I think he really got some good stuff out of me.




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We were raised as wolves, and as wolves we shall remain.
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One Response to The One Who Got Away by Sovereign 3/2/13

  1. How could someone define you as average, I don’t see that at all. You have a distinctive, unique and beautiful look.

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