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  1. Rick Rose // May 9, 2014 at 5:57 pm // Reply

    Looks very stimulating. Always intrigued by Sovereign. Might needto take a closer look.

    • sovereignsyre // May 9, 2014 at 10:18 pm // Reply

      Please buy or rent this movie and take that closer look! Vespoli and I really put a lot into making something a little different.

  2. I am an old fan sovereign and saw all your work .I have some comments on the Hollywood Babylon:
    as a production hollywood babylon is much better than she’s come undone although I enjoyed your duet with dana vespoli in that hotel room but the babylon had so much artistic progress beside its your first b.g on camera , I am a man but totally in love with your g.g scenes anyway

    1-the james deen opening was very good but not excellent , I liked his speed and stamina and him leading you in a strong manner and the positions were super but didn’t like the ejaculation part, it was a little bit (not sovereign syre) type for that socks or whatever he put on your face… my rating :8/10.

    2-I hope steven st croix doesn’t get mad of me after this but I didn’t like the scene so much , he was a little bit out of shape and slow , he handled you as doing a wax doll not as a beautiful lover ,I think he had a gift he didn’t make use of so much …rating :6/10

    3- the ryan driller scene …OMG that is probably one of your best all time scenes in a carrier , he led you very good & enjoyed having a goddess in his hands and over him while you welcomed him inside you with a comfortable feeling just see your eyes and your look when you took his jeans off it was like you found a gold and diamond chest ,I really like how girls see our packages, james deen as a performer is more experienced to deal with an evil witch like you :) but driller had much more chemistry with you just like that specific spark of you with dani daniels in g.g scenes… a 9/10 scene.

    4- ramon & valentina nappi scene was excellent … ramon is fast and strong and this goes very well with a sensitive performer like you and valentina was full of passion for the both you and ramon .also for being curvy and having bigger stuff she gave an explosive effect to the scene with you .but that scene credit goes to dana vespoli for handling such a gg + mff scene like all in one or a double feature … a 8.5/10 scene.

    5-dana dearmond and james deen scene was nice , I remember you worked twice with her , one on that bath scene in lesbians unchained and the other on lesbian farewells, she is different and had good chemistry with james deen also I liked steven acting …a 7.5/10 scene.

    • sovereignsyre // May 9, 2014 at 10:17 pm // Reply

      Thank you for your thoughts on the movie! Thank you so much for watching and for your continued support. It’s funny, everyone seems to have a different scene they think is just my best work ever. For some my scene with James Deen is the best, for others the strange chemistry between me and St. Croix is a big turnon. I’ll admit, a lot of my g/g fans seem to really love the scene with Ryan Driller, which I understand. I loved all the scenes and I think Dana Vespoli and I got what we wanted, five VERY DIFFERENT scenes.

      Thanks again for watching!

      • Well everyone has a different taste that’s sure but yes for me Ryan and Ramon were the best ,I am expecting better things with James Deen soon ….you said on twitter right?
        The most amazing thing sovereign in you is that you are getting much much better over time , I think Dana Vespoli had a better fitting for you than Nica Noelle … I like your movies with Nica of course but (she’s come undone) and( Hollywood Babylon) are really different and two master-pieces in your lovely carrier

        Off topic: On the GG area I liked your scenes with Magdalene st. Michaels , Jelena Jensen ,Raylene , Siri and Ash Hollywood (your porn wife) so much and I hope you get us Veronica Avluv and Julia Ann soon.

        • sovereignsyre // May 10, 2014 at 2:43 pm // Reply

          I would love to work with Julia Ann and I actually recently worked with Veronica Avluv for B. Skow/Girlfriends. I hope to work with James again soon, perhaps this next time in a more romantic context just to experience the difference.

          • WOW you and Veronica Avluv will be Super (please say she is the femme) :)
            I remember B.skow made your first with Dana Dearmond (that bath scene) it was great so I’m looking forward for that veronica scene and please put Julia Ann on your list, it will be really awesome if it happen soon
            You are really great sovereign and different and special, I hope you enjoy the success of Hollywood Babylon to the best.
            I think we are lucky to have a true & beautiful star like you on screen.

          • sovereignsyre // May 10, 2014 at 11:46 pm //

            She plays an alcoholic actress writing a biography and I play a nerdy writer trying to help her.

          • Let me share this true story with you to celebrate (Hollywood Babylon) with my favorite star on her blog :

            so I do post graduate studies and to release the massive tension before every exam I woke up early specifically just to watch ANY movie for you – normally 1 or 2 scenes- just after I wash my face and keep watching until I go to the exam and I really concentrate very good on solving through and I just keep a fresh , bright and clear mode all -over the exam time ,thanks to my beloved Sovereign Syre.
            O.M.G Sovereign Syre you are wonderful.

          • sovereignsyre // May 10, 2014 at 11:45 pm //

            Wow. Thank you.

  3. As for Veronica it will be great to have this scene soon , she is really good but for me its always Sovereign I like , whatever girls from the Veronica Avluv or Bailey Blue , etc or strong men like Ryan or Ramon or Deen but for me the star is SOVEREIGN SYRE not the (others) I mainly search for , and I hope you can get us more and more girls cuz you always keep the same magic you bring to lesbian scenes and your movies like the guidance counselor trilogy , but I also like you with a male star every now and then like that coming one with James Deen but please keep our lesbian icon its just endless joy to watch you with girls and I read also before you like girls already
    You know with boys you are excellent but with girls its a whole other story in another magical universe …and thats true not a fan talk to his star ,I mean it really.
    And I hope you are always in good shape and mode

  4. Alan Carter // June 17, 2014 at 3:20 am // Reply

    Dear Sovvy,

    Warm greetings from a chilly place in the Upper Great Plains. A big ‘Thank You!’ for your work. First film for me was on a popular web portal with every category. Your clip was labelled “Seductive teen dyles remove…” and without source or credits. So, I came away from seeing you with no idea who you are, but seeing that you are an incisive, committed, and wholly involved actor – something I rarely see in either adult or mainstream movies.

    Not to overstate prior kudos, you are, indeed, an amazingly beautiful lady, with so much of that beauty shining forth from those marvelous eyes. So, I had a very instructive lesson in art appreciation. I supposed you were, at most, 22. In reality, I’m twice your age, with that ever upwardly creeping anniversary nineteen days earlier than yours.

    You seem to enjoy great poetry. Most likely, you already know of Max Ehrmann’s “Desiderata” from 1927. In case not, you can read a non-commercial copy of it at: http://www.cs.columbia.edu/~gongsu/desiderata_textonly.html — May it make your day a little brighter.

    I hope you always keep in mind that you deserve respect because you are a human being. You deserve courtesy because that clears the path to open communication. You have awesome intelligence; you should be able soon to have a crystal castle on your favorite hillside.

    Sovvy, Thank You for the privilege of saying ‘Hello.’ Be well. Be happy. – Alan

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