He Won’t Make Love To Me Now


Something like bluetooth technology, but for your brain, where you could detect the thoughts of your lover remotely. Where you could broadcast memories across your body.


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  1. Perhaps sometimes we guys get tired or something but let me assure you that girls are the center of the universe in our minds ,whether married or not , whether that man is a billionaire or an average guy …. your smile and everything that is just embedded under your skirt & top is just like a haunt that visit men mind at least 2-3 times per day depending on the ( dear factor) are you to that man

    I wont make love to you ONLY if I’m tired or had a bad day at work .

  2. I wanted instantly to tell you that your scene with Derrick Pierce was SUPER ,I loved it in a second although it isn’t long enough as a scene ,he handled you well and his strong posture did a very well contrast with you as a soft goddess , he entered you in a such different way I liked so much with more grip and control from all your last B/G scenes

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