Drama Rama!

Although I mentioned how much I love stripping in my last post, some times, the politics of the club get in my way. I’ve been at the same club for 4 years, which gives me privilege, but also makes me so ingrained in the lives of the people that work there that things can turn into sticky situations really quickly. Throw in boredom, competition, cattiness (it’s like one big sorority) and people that just love fucking with you and the trouble gets amped up by about a million. For example, I have a sex show partner. She’s a very beautiful, slim, dark cocoa complected, with a very nice behind. I also have a best friend that works there. The manager has never given me and the partner a main stage sex show, though he gives women of questionable looks/weight/drug use main stage shows. My best friend and partner were practicing pole tricks in the back and the manager told them they should do shows together, although I’ve been begging him for shows for the last two months. One thing leads to another, other people get involved, people start lying to me and making things way deeper than they should be and BAM, my night’s ruined and my confidence is gone. Partner is mad because she doesn’t like the gossip mill, best friend is trying to explain to me what REALLY happened and people that are bored are trying to make me question my friends truthfulness. Things like this make me wish I was the anonymous new girl again, instead of the well known, looked up to, some-people-get-jealous-of Black Swan I’ve turned into.

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