Queen of All Fool’s Day

I’m a terminal fool, so it makes sense that April Fool’s Day would be the moment I would be doubly, triply honoured on the interwebz.

I was Holly Randall’s model update of the day for her two year anniversary.(Which I already blogged about, go check out the free link)

Fleshbot did a write up of me declaring me a star, which is pretty okay by me.

An Barelist.com made me their babe of the day.

Pretty awesome news for the day I discovered I have a peanut allergy and broke out in hives everywhere.

Peace from Florida where its a balmy, breezy, ninety degrees.  Haha, fuck you snowy Manhattan!  Just kidding.  I miss you kai?

About Sovereign Syre

We were raised as wolves, and wolves we will remain.
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2 Responses to Queen of All Fool’s Day

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  2. Ione says:

    Fine feathers make fine birds.

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