Fra Angelica

Shooting with Holly Randall is one of the cooler aspects of working in adult.  It’s one of the few chances a regular girl gets to feel like a fashion model.  You’re doted on, you get the best hair and makeup, you get a stylist.  You’re a star for the day and Holly really makes you feel like you’re super special and beautiful.

Still, it can be a little intimidating to step in front of the camera for someone like Holly.  I’ve been modeling in New York City for artist/photographers for nearly two years now, and I’m really comfortable in that setting.  The aesthetic is different (but not THAT different) from the one in mainstream adult erotica.  That’s not to say Holly doesn’t have a discerning  aesthetic, I mean, she did hire me (I mean that in the least pretentious way possible.  I’m not a classic pornbot is all I’m saying), but let’s just say the consuming public may not be readily impressed with what a natural girl like myself brings to the table.

It’s not always easy to look a pictures of yourself taken from every conceivable angle while you’re in weird poses that best showcase your lady parts.

I like this set, and all of the sets I did for Holly because it was fun to show pink for the first time.  I think there’s something really subversive in being photographed so glamorously while doing something so primitive.  I think Ashley Blue would get me on this one.  It’s a humorous juxtaposition when you step back for a moment.

Having said that.  I really like these photos.  I think this was the point when I was finally getting comfortable in the shoot.


For more sneak previews, check out Holly’s site:



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  1. Butterfly says:

    Exquisite. I love how soft and beautiful these photos came out. So feminine.

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