No Bueno

My laptop finally died.  I’ve been stuck with a loaner computer without photoshop or the ability to skype.  It sucks balls.  I haz no photoshop to make myself pretty for you! (:_;)

This is me without photoshop. Note the scar above my lip. It's from a Marilyn piercing that my body tried to absorb. They had to cut that fucker out. Somewhere Josh has a picture of me trying to pull it out with pliers. The scar has actually gotten worse over time. Yay! Aging is awesome!

There, that's better. All I have is paint on this effing dinosaur of business machine.

I’ve been silent here for a little while, but its because I’ve really needed to get my head straight and focus on what’s important to me.  Having completed this monumental task in only a week or so, I will now be coming to you with more frequent and focused updates.

This blog will commence with a theme!  So here is my adieu to loose leaf stuff.  Moving forward this blog will be focusing on my exploration of my sexuality with more thoughtful postings on my own sexual practices, sexual practices in general, being in a polyamorous relationship, and being in a sexual occupation.

Of course I’ll be doing it the way I usually do, cutting myself to ribbons with my rapier wit.


For posterity:

I'm trying to look like a woman on the precipice of something.

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We were raised as wolves, and wolves we will remain.
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