I produce & perform in explicit erotic content.

I started in the industry in 2009 as a model for the site God’s Girls.

I’ve shot with George Pitts, Tony Stamolis, Kenn Lichtenwalter, Andrew Einhorn, Nathan Appel, Keith Major, Dave Dawson, Ken Penn, Corwin Prescott, Ellen Stagg, Holly Randall, Collin J. Rae and many others.  I can be found on,,,,, and have been featured many times on

I’ve kept a blog of my adventures in and out of adult modeling, Sans Jupe.  I was featured in the 2011 NYC Sex Blogger’s Calendar and my blog has been reviewed by Hustler in their July 2011 issue.  Sans Jupe is slated for publication next year in an expanded version. I’ve been featured as a model and poet in Whore magazine and interviewed/featured in various others.

I’m a spokesmodel for Crystal Delights Toys.

I also work in film/video both for myself and for others.

I think of myself as an artist, my medium is words and still and moving images.  I use erotica to express and challenge myself.  I like to help other people express and challenge themselves as well.  I’ve been a Muse for Hire, for better or for worse.

More about me:

I have a dry wit.  I’m tallish.  I have measurements.  I weigh something.  I was born on a specific date in time.  The map is not the territory.

Some words of advice: About Other People

I might be a Virgo or a Leo or a Pisces, but I don’t believe in bullshit.  I know, how Virgo of me.

I’m an atheist.

I love history, erotica, and music.

Why yes, this bitch is papered.

My interests are varied.  Some things I have studied, enjoy, or generally know a lot about: American studies, criminology, social psychology, English literature, ancient world literature, The French Revolution, 18th century personal life, Christian religious iconography, hagiography, mythology, Native American culture, French history, The Age of Exploration, the Spanish Conquest, poetry, and sexual culture.

More mudane things:

I have a wishlist here: Sexy Things,

However, if you really feel compelled to give me something, please give to one of these charities instead:

BARC: Brooklyn Area Animal Rescue, a no-kill shelter based out of Williamsburg.

Marjaree Mason Center: Shelter in Fresno, California providing food and shelter to families escaping from domestic/family violence/sexual-abuse.

RAINN: Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network.  Supporting victims of sexual abuse across the country.

My favorite poem:

Tomas Tranströmer, “Kyrie”

At times my life sud­denly opens its eyes in the dark. A feel­ing of masses of peo­ple push­ing blindly through the streets, excit­edly, toward some mir­a­cle, while I remain here and no one sees me. It is like the child who falls asleep in ter­ror lis­ten­ing to the heavy thumps of his heart. For a long, long time till morn­ing puts his light in the locks and the doors of dark­ness open.

Questions about myself or the site, bookings or inquiries:



5 Responses to Bio

  1. Lady Sophia says:

    I just have to tell you that I especially adore this portion of how you describe yourself:

    “I have a dry wit. I’m tallish. I have measurements. I weigh something. I was born on a date in the past. These units cannot contain me. If you want to arouse yourself with numbers, you’re probably better off buying a book on arithmetic.”



  2. Uncool says:

    WOW !

  3. Butterfly says:

    Pure deliciousness.

  4. Mr. Gray says:

    You are an eloquent wordsmith…very vivid!

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