About us: See Behind the Green Door

  1. Veneno says:

    hey really nice video!… and i enjoyed your tattoos! :)

  2. Howard says:

    The video is interesting and its something more than I’ve done video wise…keep up the good …er, …walls. Its sort of like a virtual world being started that someone could reach and speak to or perhaps even socialize with?

  3. Butterfly says:

    would love to know more… how can I be a part of the darling house community of artistes?

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Welcome to Darling House.

Think of us as the Factory 2.0 — A collection of high and lowbrow art and artists. While we’ll be focusing on sexual and sensual art, images and ideas , we’ll be embracing a wide variety of flavors from passionate creators.

We are in Beta phase, but we aim to be in full manifestation in Autumn of this year: 2011.

The Darling House is  a collective of creative spirits from many walks of the sexy life: Photographers, Models, Fetishists, Painters, Writers, Burlesque Dancers, Mentalists, Gamblers,  Tattoo Artists, Strippers, Escorts, Pornstars, Musicians, Designers and other Wildflowers we may collect in our journey. Many of them are highly regarded in their fields, some are professionals, some are celebrities within their genres, and just as many are, wonderfully, brand new in life and their pursuit of happiness.

Think of Darling House as a magazine of regular contributors from writers, photographers, models and more as well as visiting artists who also show you what they do LIVE. See an erotic photoshoot live, see an interview in real time.  While there will be a healthy amount of existing content such as articles, photosets and webisodes to enjoy on our site, there will also be this streamed material for you to see.

Darling House has been created in reaction to the anonymous, commericailized, and frankly, occasionally passionless tone that has overtaken so much of the erotica and pornography we consume.  We want to create a more humanist and positive space for pornography to exist.  Like all other parts of human culture, sexuality deserves to treated with the same intellectual curiosity and celebration.

We aim to be specific, personal and in communication with you, our friends and fans.

Literally thousands of sites, most of which you pay for, have profiles (most likely fake) of hundreds of models with small bios, collections of stats, and a few uninspired photosets and HD “gonzo” videos.

But who are these beautiful, erotic creatures you’re most likely fantasizing to? And moreover, who took it upon themselves to find these subjects, and make take these photos? What kind of person, (be it model, photographer, writer, dancer, painter, sculptor etc)  dedicates themselves to creating art or projects about sex or desire? Is this acceptable? Who is an eroticist in 2011? The faces of these creators might surprise you.

On our site, you will get to know the Darling Family and the many beautiful and talented people who inhabit it through direct video chats and interviews with our contributors, or private one on one time with some of our gorgeous personalities: women and men both.

Also, we’re not going to shy away from “showing the strings” as they say, in that, we’re going to show us growing, good days and bad-to give you a glimpse into the experience of a creator (or group of creators) trying to make something new and hopefully, valuable. You’ll see downtown, behind the scenes interviews, live photoshoots that include the photographer, and hopefully people like our editors, soundsmiths and webmaster.

It’s like Big Brother Mixed with Andy Warhol’s Factory mixed with 2011. Online.

So thanks for spending your time with us, stay tuned, and Welcome to the Darling House.


JM Darling, founder Darling House