I’m Drunk by Bastard Keith 8.2.12

I am a hard-drinking lefty.

Here’s what I believe.

I believe in a woman’s right to choose.  Not just reproductively.  I believe in a woman’s right to choose what she wants to make a CHOICE about.

I believe in a queer’s right to MY rights.

I believe the brown man needs to get around, man.  I believe they would if they weren’t cock-and-vag-blocked at every opportunity by people who cower in fear at the sight of the different.

I believe Conservative ideology represents the fear of women, queers and swarthy, hairy, not-white-looking fuckers the world over.

I believe the government is there to help.  Not to get out of the way, to be diminished, to be starved until it drops, shaking, to the ground.

I believe that jumping to the defense of a bigot is no act of wild outlaw-ism.  It’s the easy, state-sanctioned form of rebellion.  Only idiots think that coming to the aid of the privileged is some outrageous form of sedition.  And only idiots congratulate themselves for it.

I believe that we victimize ourselves on an intimate basis.  I believe the state and its associated social constructs victimize my brothers and sisters as a matter of course.

I believe that “brothers” and “sisters” are inadequate terms for the multifariously gendered and sexed weirdos who constitute my friends and readership.

I believe we need our military.  I believe it keeps us safe at night.  I believe it is prone to manipulation by the Property Parties.  I believe that those who make the ultimate sacrifice (lives in exchange for my safety and yours) should be applauded, loved, and given a fucking job and a pension and a fucking hug.

I believe that we have a military.  You don’t need a fucking assault rifle in your home.

I believe that healthcare is a right, not a privilege or a commodity.

I believe that we place too little emphasis on psychological care.  We medicate or dismiss with profound ease, and that makes me uneasy.

I believe universal education is the privilege of the civilized west.  Stop taking it for granted.

I believe that idealism is attractive.  In fact, very little is as sexy as conviction.

I believe that only one sort of person makes the following argument: “A liberal is a conservative who hasn’t been mugged yet.”  That person is a tragically tiny-minded, terrified shit who doesn’t want the responsibility of admitting that our brothers and sisters who reside all around us are OUR RESPONSIBILITY.  I’ve been chased down the street by anti-Semitic activists who wanted me dead.  CHASED DOWN THE STREET.  Didn’t read about him on HuffPo, felt his rancid, mindless breath prickling the hairs on the back of my neck.  And I’m not scared.  I was 20 then.  If the prick came after me now, I’d wheel around and either talk it out or punch him in the fucking neck.  Or maybe I wouldn’t.  Maybe I’d be scared.

I believe that drugs, sex work, gay marriage, non-Whites who want a job in my country and women who want to take their harrassers/tormentors/rapists/younameits to court deserve the full support of our legal system.

I believe that compromise works over land.

I believe that compromise will never work when we’re talking about the legal rights of my brothers and sisters.  We’re all born equal or none of us are.

I believe art is the vessel of the populace.  When it becomes the trinket of the those who can afford it, we have gone terribly wrong.

I believe I’ve made mistakes.  I’ve told jokes that were supposed to be about race. I did not effectively communicate them, and my intentions were not understood. The audiences did not misunderstand them; I failed to make myself clear, and I fucked up in that.  That was my failure.  I once kissed a girl when she was uncomfortable with it.  She was a witch, a strange and beautiful poet.  I was young.  I do not absolve myself.  I was as wrong then as I would be now.  All men could be rapists.  I could have been then had I not the barest shred of decency and empathy.  I have abused the kindnesses of my friends and my family.

I don’t know why I say all of this.  I want to stand with you.  I want to be a better man.  I think I can be.  I want to make things that matter to you.

What do you want?

What do you believe?

Whoever you are, however vehemently we disagree, I love you.  I’m trying to get better at expressing that.

Talk to me.

I’m not editing this.

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