AUTHENTICITY MONTH: Diane, Chapter Five by Bastard Keith 10.17.12

Rose’s eyes creased with questions.  But she turned her head to Teddy and Lou, suddenly as certain as anything.

“I know this lady.  Her name is Diane, and she ain’t no cop.”

Teddy and Lou looked at Diane and then at each other.  Teddy a bit helplessly, Lou rather accusingly.

Teddy broke the silence.  “Well, if Rose knows her, I’m not worried.  We need to shoot, and the new girl never showed up anyway.  We need a submissive for this shot.  I don’t know why we’re even talking about it.”  He walked back to his camera and fiddled with it, still rambling to himself, disassociated.

Lou sucked on her bottom lip before speaking.  “All right, come on.  The costumes are over there.”

“I’ll show her over,” Rose said.

Lou ran over to the lights and began adjusting them.  Rose took Diane’s arm and began to walk her towards the folding screen.  Diane felt her heart pounding.

“Now,” Rose whispered, “I’m gonna show you some things, and we’re gonna help you decide what to wear.”

“I don’t really know what I’m doing here,” Diane breathed.  “I thought I did, but I don’t.”

Rose pulled Diane behind the screen.  They examined each other.  Diane, a slightly ruffled picture of suburban sweetness in her flower dress, and Rose.  Rose, who cocked her hip with a rubber squeak and smirked with an assurance Diane had never seen.

“Is this something you do all the time?” Diane asked.

“I worked for some other places,” Rose said, nodding.  “Nowhere this nice.”

Diane nodded, lost.  “I don’t really know what to say to you.”

Rose smiled. “You wanna tell me what you’re doing here?”

Diane wrung her hands.  “I thought…I thought I could find something here.  Something new.”

“Is that it?”

Diane drew in close to Rose.  “I can’t go home.”

After a moment of watching Diane, feeling her breath heat up in the closeness behind the screen, reading her uncertainty, Rose decided not to ask any more questions.

“So here’s what’s gonna happen.  I’m gonna be spanking you.  You’re gonna be over my lap like a naughty girl, and I’m gonna be cropping your butt.”  Rose smacked her hand with the crop, startling Diane.

“Okay,” nodded Diane.

“Your eyes are wide as hell.  You look terrified.”

“Sorry,” Diane whispered as she looked down.

“No, it’s perfect,” Rose chuckled.  “Now, you wanna be naked, or you want to wear something cute?”

Diane looked at the rack of clothing that stood before them, a riot of colors and fabrics.

“I think I need to wear something.”

Rose flipped through the available garments for a moment before smiling wickedly, an expansion of that smile Diane had seen for a brief moment in the grocery store.  “I think I got it.”

Rose pulled out what seemed to be a collection of adjustable straps, all black leather.  “And we can fit it to you.”

“Is that…are those even clothing?” Diane asked.

Rose rolled her eyes.  “You have to strip down.  They’ll be getting impatient soon.”

Diane decided that by now, the idea of saying “no” to any of this was at least as ludicrous as the idea of saying “yes.”  She gently placed her jacket and the copy of SMACK on the ground and unbuttoned the top of her dress.  She let it slide down, tickling like a breeze against her nipples and crumpling silently at her feet.

Rose’s eyes widened.  “You didn’t wear any underwear?”

“It’s been a very strange day.”

Rose held out the straps and knelt down, the rubber squealing.  “Step into this.”

Diane put her foot through an offered opening, and then her other foot.  Rose  pulled the straps up over her legs until they rested, tight, at the top of her thighs.  Diane blushed and her breath became short.  The straps were so snug that they made her mons veneris bulge.  It was a deeply pleasurable sensation.  Her body pulsed and she pushed her thighs together, arching her back.  She began to see white.

“Damn, you’re sensitive,” Rose chuckled.

“Sorry…sorry,” Diane managed, straightening out, pulling back from the brink.

Rose pulled the straps up Diane’s body until it was clear that this was some sort of harness, clinging to her like a spider’s web.  It wove around her, presenting and lifting her breasts, her stomach, her buttocks, and that area that had felt such a surge as Rose had pulled it tight.  The mound of flesh, dusted with brown hair, blossoming into a pronounced and ripe set of lips, rounding inwards.  Diane had never contemplated the shape of her vagina before.  But then, she’d never thought of it as a nexus of pleasure until recently.

Diane’s breath was pushed out of her again as Rose tightened the straps around her chest and her breasts were lifted and presented, framed as if a work of art.  Her nipples hardened, darkening, and as Rose pulled the straps and buckled them, Diane imagined her holding a set of reins.  And her entire body seemed to blush.

Lou rapped on the screen.  “You gals about ready?”

Diane turned to face Rose.

“Well,” Rose asked, “are you?”

“And you’re…you’re going to be…spanking me?”

“That’s right, Miss Diane.”

Diane looked around for a moment before giving a curt nod and setting her jaw.  “Then let’s not keep them waiting any longer.”

The two women walked out from behind the screen.  The brunette and the two blondes fussed pleasantly over their outfits in a corner of the room but their eyes drew up to see Rose and Diane, and they were obviously fascinated.  Teddy tilted his head and his mouth seemed on the verge of forming words that never came.

Lou whistled.  “Not bad.”

Diane and Rose approached the shooting area, which now included a black wooden bench, standing out like a beauty mark against the red.  Rose sat down on the bench and Diane hesitated.

“How should I…I mean…”

Rose looked up.  “You ever get spanked as a little girl?”

“Well…yes, but it was a long…”

Rose interrupted Diane by pulling her over her lap.  Diane’s hair tumbled over her face and she planted her hands on the floor as she tried to gain her balance.

“That’s excellent, thanks,” said Teddy, who readied himself to take snaps.

“What do I do?” Diane asked, looking back up at Rose.

“Time being, steady yourself.”

Rose gathered a great deal of Diane’s hair in her hand and gave a very gentle tug, pulling Diane’s face up and exposing it to the camera.  Diane nearly protested, but the sureness of Rose’s touch disarmed her.

Then came the first stinging smack.  Diane gave a mortified gasp and looked back at Rose.  Her eyes were a near-caricature of reproach and shock.

Which was when Teddy began snapping shots.

Rose affected a mocking delight in her work, playing to the lens.  She raised an eyebrow.  She smirked, her rouged lips gleaming.  And always she kept a steady rhythm of smacks from the crop, never loosening her grip on Diane’s hair.

Diane, meanwhile, couldn’t even think to put on a performance.  She WAS shocked by the circumstance, WAS innocent to the feelings she was having.  Every impact left an electric sting in its wake, reverberating through Diane’s tautly plumped up buttocks and into her very center.  It wasn’t some unbearable pain, but something else, something insistent and lingering and oddly sweet.  It tickled her.

Her legs kicked behind her helplessly.  And she found herself writhing on Rose’s lap, her hips rising and falling with her breath.  The only noise she made with along with the spankings was her heavy, shuddering breath and those little squeaks of surprise.  The feeling she’d been glimpsing for the last day was welling up inside her, like a billow of clouds rushing up into a storm.


Diane closed her eyes.  And she focused on the feeling.  It swelled and grew and made her body shake.  She felt it in her nipples, in her fingertips, in her toes.  And no sooner had she surrendered to the feeling than she saw something forming in the darkness behind her eyes.  A shrouded form.  A mass of light.

Emerging from the darkness was The Face.  And it moved closer, and Diane’s body seemed to be vibrating all over.  She was no longer conscious of herself.  Closer and closer, it dominated her field of vision, until finally it simply engulfed her.

At which point Diane experienced a feeling she had never before encountered.  Her body cried out and seemed to blossom into a thousand different directions.  All she saw was light as the feeling burst into one huge pulse, which first stunned and then shook her.

Diane cried out and her eyes shot open.  The pulse came back, decreased, and her body felt a smaller tremor.  And then a smaller one.  And then one more and then nothing.

She was sweating.

The clicking stopped.

Diane slumped over Rose’s lap.  “I…I…”

“I think we’re done,” Teddy said.

“I’m sorry,” Diane murmered, recovering her senses.  “I don’t know what happened…”

“No,” Teddy hurried out, “no.  It was…I mean…I’ve never…”

“It was perfect,” Lou piped up.

“Thanks, yes,” Teddy stammered, “perfect.”

Rose helped Diane, unsteady as a newborn foal, to her feet.  They walked in silence to a couch near the folding screen and sat down.

Diane exhaled heavily, wiped her brow and asked Rose, “Does he usually only shoot for five minutes?”

“That…was almost 45 minutes,” Rose replied.

Diane felt her jaw drop.  “That was never….how long?”

Rose narrowed her eyes and laughed throatily.  “You okay, Miss Diane?”

“I think so.  I don’t know what just happened.”

“I do,” chortled Rose.  “That you don’t means you been living in the suburbs for WAY too long.”

Diane laughed and shook her head.  “Please…please just call me Diane.  Not Miss Diane.”

“Force of habit,” Rose shrugged.

“Well, you aren’t bagging groceries for me,” Diane said, “and considering what we’ve just done, I don’t think there’s any reason or need for you to be deferential right now.”

Rose took Diane’s hand in hers.  “Girl, your life is about to get fifty kinds of strange.  Welcome to the city.”

Diane clenched Rose’s hand.

At that moment, the door to the studio burst open with a crash, making Teddy knock over his camera, which he scrambled to pick up.

A woman in head to toe black motorcycle leathers swaggered in.  She was tall, lanky, with unnaturally bright blonde hair shooting out in spiky geysers from her head.

“Evening, campers!” boomed the woman.

Lou marched up to her, irritated.  “Well, that’s a hell of a way to say hello!  Suppose Teddy’d been shooting?”

The woman grabbed Lou’s face with both hands and planted a hard, loud smooch on her.  “But he wasn’t, was he?  Hey, Teddy!”

Teddy looked up as he got his tripod straightened out.  “Heather, hi, hello.  Hi.”

“As loquacious as ever,” Heather grinned.  She turned to Rose.  “So how about it, kiddo?  You done for the night?”

“Gimme five minutes to change,” Rose giggled and hopped up to head behind the curtain.

Heather watched her go before directing her deep, probing, insinuating gaze at Diane.  “Now who…” Heather began, descending onto one knee, “…might this be?”  She took Diane’s hand in hers and smiled.

“New girl, friend of Rose’s,” Lou said, heading over to Teddy.

Heather stroked Diane’s hand with fingers that were surprisingly soft.  “And your name, precious?”


Heather gave Diane a sidelong glance.  “Is that with one D or two?”

“I’m sorry?”

“Never mind,” Heather said and kissed Diane’s hand.  “Now, I’m here to pick up Rose and we were gonna head out and take the town.  And now I look at you, I think it would be a terribly sad night if we didn’t have your company.”

Rose poked her head out from behind the screen.  “Don’t pressure her!”

Heather looked shocked.  “I’m not pressuring you, am I, Diane?”

Diane was almost breathless from her experience in front of the camera, and this gallant, boyish woman finished the job.  She held back a laugh for a moment before it exploded out of her.  “I…no!  I’d love to.”

“Excellent news,” Heather said, kissing Diane’s hand again.  “Now go get changed and we’ll make a night of it.”

Heather pulled Diane to her feet with alarming strength and spun her in the direction of the screen.  Diane scurried back and came face to face with Rose.

“Who IS that?”

“That’s Heather,” Rose replied.

“Is she…your…I mean…”  Diane ran out of ways to ask, largely because she wasn’t sure what she was asking.

“She’s a lot of things.  You’ll get to know her.”  Rose had peeled off much of the rubber outfit, revealing smooth brown skin shining with perspiration.

Diane started undoing the buckles of her outfit.  As she loosened it and pulled it off, she could see the indentations it left all along her body.  She traced her fingers along them, wincing when she found a spot where the strap had cut in due to her wriggling around and pulling it too tight.

Rose grabbed a towel and patted herself down.

Diane watched her for a moment before saying, “Rose, this is crazy…I don’t even have a place to stay in New York…”

“I bet we can work something out,” said Heather, whose face appeared around the side of the screen.  “Now you two girls get a move on.  We got a party to go to.”

Rose laughed aloud and pushed Heather’s face away.  “Five minutes!”

Diane picked up her dress, which suddenly looked terribly drab after the evening’s activities.

She turned to the clothing rack and began to look for other possibilities.

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