Bibliophile Érotique: Bella Vendetta’s 2nd submission

Being in the sex industry I sometimes get well….oversexed.  I’ve been making porn in one way or another since I was barely 18.  I am about to be 32.  Still making porn, and still with epic tits.  But of course, I can’t watch porn like I used to.  It’s sort of weird watching porn now, I know all the people.  Jerking off to your friends can either be super hot, or super weird.  I started this and wanted it to be a fanfic piece about My fantasies with current pornstars I’m crushing on, then I realized My fantasies involving porn stars probably aren’t what most people would think they would be.  Sometimes not having sex is the new sex.  Sometimes I just want to play with your hair…but that’s a story for another time…


I met Ryan Driller on a set in New Hampshire.  I had just left My husband not that long before and was in a “I hate men and I never want to have sex with one again” mode.  It was a long, really long day.  I didn’t have a sex scene, I was actually just acting in a porno.  But because I wasn’t having sex I got an insultingly low rate for the day.  This coupled with the fact that I was starving and somehow kept getting called to do things (mostly sit there while people fucked with lights) when the food was out put Me into sort of a rotten mood.  Ryan Driller came up and handed Me an orange…..which he had peeled.  I remember thinking “I don’t remember the last time a man did anything that nice for Me…I would totally suck his dick.”  I mean he peeled a fucking orange for Me.  Who DOES that?

My fantasies surrounding Ryan Driller these days has morphed into a scenario wherein he would do sit-ups while I ate bonbons and sprayed him with water.  THAT is what I think about when I get Myself off.  Do I wonder what he tastes like? Yes, but that’s something I contemplate in line at the grocery store.  The sweaty in bed when no one is around fantasy is all about rippling muscles, sweat and bon bons.


I’ve never met James Darling, which is maybe what makes the fantasy even hotter.  And when I say hot fantasy, what I mean is listening to mix tapes and passing a bottle back and forth. Yah yah, I’ve spent Friday night making a mixtape for James Darling that I plan on sending for Valentine’s day, hopefully My appreciation for jazz, country and crooney female vocalists can win Me some points.  Do I want to shoot a porn scene with James Darling?  Yes, very much so, hopefully our sex scene involves listening to a mixtape on cassette and passing a bottle back and forth.  I mean, I’m jerking Myself off thinking about extended makeout sessions with Nina Simone playing in the backround.  Orgasms secondary.  Anyway, I have been known to have an orgasm from a well-placed finger on My lower back and a really hard bite on My lower lip.  I imagine James darling to be the kind of man who can do both simultaneously, in My fantasy he is anyway.


I think I read Jasmine St Clair’s writing before I ever saw one of her scenes.  I sort of fell in love with her brain and personality before I fell in love with her ability to take a cock.  Fellow female metal head?  Swooooon!  When I first saw her fucking on film My immediate thought was to clone Myself a few times over so that I could gangbang her.  Over the years (yes, years) My fantasy has changed quite a bit.  Jasmine, is the type of woman you want to run into a circle pit with holding her hands, the kind of woman you want to headbang with, the kind of woman you want to makeout with in a very crowded room somewhere in a  dark corner where no one will notice.  Like at a show.  A really loud show so that even if she’s trying to talk to you, you just smile and pretend to hear what she’s saying, because it’s probably something beautiful anyway.  Maybe she’s the kind of woman you want to finger bang in a mosh pit too…but if I could do the hand holding headbanging part I’d have a lot of masturbation fodder for many more years to come.



Bella Vendetta is a professional and lifestyle Domina hailing from Western MA.  She has almost 12 years training and experience in the BDSM lifestyle and the adult industry.  As well as working as a Pro Domme and internationally published fetish model Bella is an award winning adult film star.  Bella Vendetta is also a B movie starlet, runs her own niche fetish site, and hosts a monthly naked cooking webcam show.  Colleges and Universities around the northeast frequently ask Bella to speak and lecture about Her experiences in the sex industry.  In addition to her work in the adult industry she also moonlights as a journalist writing about and interviewing tattoo artists, MMA fighters, rock and metal musicians.  To learn more visit . Zinester erotica was originally published in “Screamer issue #2″ from MyOwnBrain Productions; the zine can be purchased for $5 by emailing



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