Dastardly Dave: photographer, graphic designer.

Dave’s Blog is: Now It’s Time To Drop The Top

Dastardly Dave is an internationally published fashion, glamor and erotic photographer.

His work has appeared on a multitude of websites and magazines. He has shot for a long list of designers including but not limited to Ego Assasin, Anteseptic Fashions and Dawnamatrix Designs.

His client list includes a range from housewives to tattoo artists, exotic dancers, porn stars and escorts. He has photographed cars and motorcycles, dogs and horses, people and places and does it all with a mastery of craft and lighting.

A graduate of the Massachusetts College of Art, Dave helped start Lollipop Magazine and filled a variety of rolls from graphic designer, illustrator, website designer and creative director. He moved on from there to have a successful freelance web and graphic design  business in Boston working for a wide range of clients from the International Catacomb Society to Live Nation/Clear Channel. In the waning days of the magazine, Dave started shooting fashion and glamour for Lollipop and quickly discovered a latent love for photography.

He can now be found as staff at the Studio of Photographic Arts (SOPHA) in Manchester, New Hampshire where he teaches classes on Lightroom, Advanced PhotoShop and Glamor and Beauty Photography. He is currently putting a couple book proposals together and working on his upcoming website.

Look for his work in Leg Show Magazine, Marquis Magazine, Skin Two Magazine, Von Gutenberg Magazine, Outlaw Biker Magazine as well as others. Online his work has appeared on Apneatic.com, theMoshroom.com, JadeVixen.com, JeselynOnline.com, BellaVendetta.com, SuperCult.com among others.

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