“Love And Emotion” by George Pitts 6/27/12


















Fugue: a state or period of loss of awareness of one’s identity, often coupled with flight from one’s usual environment, associated with certain forms of hysteria

(pictorial ‘inspired’ by Catherine Robbe-Grillet)

Go to “Supplementaire” 8 (UK), for a very different variation of this story, entitled

“The Other Life” pp. 106-119, at:


5 Comments on “Love And Emotion” by George Pitts 6/27/12

  1. kencredible // June 28, 2012 at 3:51 am // Reply

    amazing George!

  2. truly fantastic. JMD

  3. George, alot of people are asking who the Brunette is? You’ve featured her before, yes? -JMD

  4. The model’s name is listed among the Tags: Ine E.
    And no, I haven’t featured photographs of her before on Darling House.


  5. Thanks George, I must be thinking of someone else. Either way, remarkable. JMD

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