4 Comments on “Ascension Tango” by George Pitts 7.31.12

  1. this is beautiful and very thought provoking. the way she’s looking at the photographer transcends the lens.

  2. These are very Beautiful. This set makes me feel like we are watching a woman nervously waiting for her Lover to come over. When they are late or cancel or can’t get away from their wife…the clothes come off and like a child, she rolls and sulks on the floor. Until, finally Broken, she Looks directly in the Camera to say “Look what you have done to me…Look what I’ve become.


  3. LLM: your interpretation is inspired. Ideally the sequence, or cinematic flow, should lead different viewers to draw differing conclusions. I don’t want to insist on a fixed meaning; because I feel mainstream American cinema, for instance, forces a viewer to see narrative in one overdetermined way.

    I stumbled upon a quote from a gifted writer/director Theater auteur I respect, named Richard Foreman, who explains his issues with typically linear mainstream narrative: “I build frustration into the very structure of my performances. How can I frustrate the spectator’s expectations, including his tendency to identify with the performance of a powerful actor? How can I frustrate the flow of the action and prevent the inevitable drift into normal, narrative form? How can I frustrate the commonplace drive toward narrative understanding in the spectator that awakens in his consciousness a habitual identification with goals, values, and mind-sets received from our social and cultural system? We (truly) feel our lives (not as narratives but) as a series of multi-directional impulses and collisions”

    -from “Unbalancing Acts: Foundations for a Theatre” by Richard Foreman

    So to me, these “multi-directional impulses” strike me as truer to reality, and are more pleasurable to arrange than to explain to death; because I feel art should be open, wide open to the subjectivity of the viewer, instead of being dictated by a tyrannical hand.


  4. You Had me at “Inspired” :)
    Ok, now allow me to climb down from my Cloud. I really do understand the frustration almost every Artist–Like Yourself–feels about having to explain a Fixed meaning or rely on a familiar narrative. This is precisely why I enjoy Photography so much. So many things can catch your eye in every Photo and you never know what memory or feeling will reveal itself. From those stimuli my brain almost always forms a narrative. Its almost as if my brain has to tell itself a story that makes sense of the sometimes extremely disparate images.
    You always give my brain a workout with your Photographs, and that Sir is the highest compliment i can bestow on you.


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