Model with no Name

I’m embarrassed to say I don’t remember this strikingly beautiful model’s name. I have her 2257 in my files of course but I like calling people by their model monikers, as that’s how -they- have chosen to represent themselves, or sometimes reinvent themselves.

These are just a few natural light snaps on a break from a much longer high key lesbian super porno shoot sometime ago in Miami. The faces down there are beautiful. A melange of ethnicities and I feel a kinship with this kind of person, I too am a mix.

We popped outside since I thought I could get something softer from her than that fake porno shrills (nothing wrong with that) we had been doing on video inside.

After the shoot we chilled had a soda and she offered me some the marijuana. Not normally my thing, I indulged, who should say no to this pretty gift, right?

Then I drove away. I see her all time now on like RedTube and whatnot, but I just like remembering her and the beautiful Miami minx with no name.


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