Panic at the Disco!

July 23, 2011

After a busy run of things Sov, Dylan Ryan and I decided to try to let our hair down for a moment. We picked up our friend Lux at the W and headed over to the Abbey where, after a visit to the loo, I was propositioned for sex and adventure 4 times in 5 minutes by 5 different, men. I think must have been wearing my lucky shirt or something…

Cue chocolate martini’s, Baby Lofty’s aphrodisiac of choice.

Like Rome before the Fall. Plebes revel in their Bacchanal

We were joined by the likes of Zoe Voss, Richie, Wolf Hudson, Sinn Sage, Aiden Starr (who was gracious enough to let me shoot in her space a little earlier in the day), Drew Deveaux and others. I think I spotted Kimberly Kane joining the growing fray.

People’s hands seemed to be getting full and highjinxs were peaking when the high shrieking sound of what seemed to be a fire alarm went off.

Without warning hundreds of people were rushed outside, pushing through the smell of a gas leak.

Once outside our group had lost Sov and others and people (me) were pretty stressed in finding her. All’s well that ends well of course, but I can tell you many a persons sexy adventures for the night were soberingly doused with mass alert boner killer.

I think Dylan Ryan’s face speaks for us all when the party was shut down.
caption id=”attachment_453″ align=”aligncenter” width=”640″ caption=”Dylan’s Face Speaks For Us All: A Sea of Blueballs”][/Dylan's Face Speaks For Us All: A Sea of Blueballs"]

Richie, lost in the chaos.

I’m gearing up to leave LA and it should be said I’m already missing LA nights, my beautiful, perverted new friends and the promise of west coast adventure.

Hope we can hook up for real, pretty Los Angeles.


my drunken, sweaty portrait shot by Miss Zoe V.

Zoe V's Official Seal. Yes, I had planned on getting even -more- inebriated. I know how to do that. I've practiced.

ps. Should I go back and pay the bar tab?

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Panic at the Disco! Panic at the Disco! Panic at the Disco! Panic at the Disco! Panic at the Disco! Panic at the Disco! Panic at the Disco!