Classic Minx. Kory Minx by JM Darling 9.6.12

These days I generally prefer shooting people I’ve known or met in person. I want the shoots to be quality and mean something. Kory however is someone I had seen online, bantering on Twitter and generally catching my photo eye. She has that combo that I greedily enjoy as a photographer: A classic, timeless moviestar face while maintaininga bombshell sexuality. And that’s just the surface. Her obvious hotness belies a very progressive, uber smart and genuine sweet soul. Suffice to say, I’m quite fond. I hope you enjoy the photos. I enjoyed making them. Sincerely, Joshua Darling

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5 Responses to Classic Minx. Kory Minx by JM Darling 9.6.12

  1. Brittaney says:

    Absolutely stunning, my favorite is the 6th one down.

  2. Ralph says:


  3. Al Ish says:

    Lovely photos.

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