“Special Magic” (My First Time) by JM Darling

So theme this month on Darling House is “My First Time” and we’re all interpreting this how we wish. As opposed to doing a photo story, I thought I’d share this biographical monologue I shot and filmed about witnessing my first sexual experience which happened to be a lesbian one and involving my mother. I was 4 and walked in on my Mom and her friend having an intimate moment.

While the story is true I’m speaking it through the character of “Rex” and this is an extract from a short experimental film I shot.

This moment I talk about is one of my first memories -ever- and it just so happened to involve female intimacy, sensuality and homosexuality. Being 4 in that room with two before adoring women made it’s mark in my mind and I genuinely believe is 100% related to both -why- I do what I do and, I think, -how- I do it. That is working (generally) in tones of openness, romanticism, vulnerability and love. Or maybe I just a genuine creeper who likes to get ladies naked for photos! But in either event, this moment, this memory was one of the most formative moments in my life. Enjoy the nailpolish and the story:


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