Ash Hollywood, Jack D and me, by JM Darling

There is nothing better to me than a last minute, improvised photoshoot. Late at night. In LA.

I had been talking with Ash about maybe setting up a planned shoot. Both our schedules had been really heavy. But I called on whim to see if she had a couple hours free to pop by by a motel I was crashing at on an overnight trip. She zoomed over, brought some great clothing choices, none of which we used, some Jack Daniels and her magic. She’s fearless and charismatic in performance mode, I feel and that really comes across.

Hope you enjoy these as much as I enjoyed making them with her.



clicking on those photos in the gallery makes them larger.

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7 Responses to Ash Hollywood, Jack D and me, by JM Darling

  1. AthameMorrigan says:

    Sensuality ending with Jack Daniels, aviators and flipping the bird! Love it.

  2. You’re a brillant man Mr. Darling love your work. They lady in the pics is BEAUTIFUL!!!

  3. Nica Noelle says:

    Joshua Darling perfectly apprehends the lethal combination of youth, beauty, bravado and invincibility that lasts but for a moment. What happens when the perfect subject meets the perfect photographer — this one will be hard to top.

  4. Stu Nami says:

    Love the use of the mirrors in this. I think one of my favorites is the one where you see JDarling, very old school Vogue vibe.

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