Galadriel vs. Ela Darling: you decide by JM Darling


Joking aside, it’s quite obvious that Ela Darling possesses some sort of other worldly quality (that is a single ingredient in the many qualities that make up her beauty) than inspire references to characters like Galadriel or Venus or faeries. But what’s especially magical is that it isn’t an affect. When you’re with her you do definitely feel special.
On my own time I meditate on the nature of leadership, charisma/attractiness and what makes up that intangible quality. One of those gifts is, I think, to effortlessly take the emotional temperature of those around you and, when you want to, meet them where they are. So being in someone’s presence who does this feels like a little gift. Ela possesses this, I feel. She’s really special.

Here are a few photographs of her we took the other day.





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