Let the games begin by Kencredible 6/26/12

Hello everyone as I get situated here on the fabulous Darling House let me post some oldies but some goods. Please check back often as the new work starts flowing later this week. Thank you Josh and everyone for having me.

Or Else,


Scar 13

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4 Responses to Let the games begin by Kencredible 6/26/12

  1. admin says:

    ken, where is this model based, do you know?

    • Kencredible says:

      She’s in LA. Owns a photo studio she rents out and hase a hat company called Bubbles and Frown, shes one of the original Gods Girls.

      Edit: I has said SG earlier on my post I meant Gods Girls. And her hat company is called Bubbles and frowns but her name is Scar as shown above.

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  3. Varla says:

    Thanks for shooting a familiar model in something OTHER than latex! Also, showing some character. Kudos.

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