An entirely different topic: Privacy & the Internets by Madame Rosebud

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So. I’m sure you have noticed I have been missing recently… IF you read these that is ; ) But there was reason (besides being crazy busy), I had had an interesting experience with regard to living so openly on the Internet. By that I mean twitter/Face Book/here… and so on. I can’t get into the experience itself out of respect for others privacy. But the whole ordeal really put me on edge. Made me draw back from the computer…. and regard it with hurt/frustration.

I live my life very openly. I try never to edit myself…. that is a huge triumph/luxury for me. I was prior to this incarnation very fearful about sharing myself, deeply angry about always having to lie to make others feel comfortable. I also didn’t grow up caring about the Internet. I was WAY too busy being super goth, painting pictures of crucified women, and watching old tapes of David Bowie and Iggy Pop. So when I grew up and found myself and my voice… the Internet seemed like this playground where I could be completely honest. No more lying just to keep the boat steady, no more silence when I really did want say something, and I could find other people like me. IN FACT those people would want to find me through it! The whole concept was so delightful to me… but then I encountered the concept of sub-cultural etiquette and the web.

The expirience has made me evaluate just how much I’m sharing, especially where. People have said to me “you should keep somethings for yourself”…. But that sentiment is actually strange to me, it insinuates I share everything, or that by sharing the result is a less special expirience. I have my secrets…. those I never tell. I have things that ARE really just for me, or just for my slave, or my other lovers. But what I share, I share willingly with an open heart. Because to me, when I share about this strange wonderful life I live I affect change. When I speak openly with joy about who and what I am it can possibly change the minds of people who would seek to view me as less than them. To me sharing is a humanist act. One that I owe myself….

But where sharing intersects with the privacy others, especially when there are prexisting rules is an area that deserves a great deal of meditation. Do you change the foundation of yourself to suit such etiquette? Do you say “fuck off”? Do you do penance and try to find a happy medium? In my situation I chose the third option. I realized that my openness cannot interfere with my relationship with a subculture or the people in it out of respect. I respect others in whatever life they choose when it involves a certain lifestyle role/rule… I strive to respect that always. I ALSO respect myself, and live within those boundaries while still sharing myself in the very way I have fought so hard for. The way that brings me the most joy.

The Internet is a very powerful thing: some of my idols have found me on it to tell me they enjoy my art… AND I get into trouble on it. OH life.

Stick with me dears… I have fun topics on the way- including:

1. Traveling to Vegas for BHOF!

2. The interesting adventure of breast augmentation

3. HOT HOT shows

4. Redecorating tips for the lifestyle BDSM enthusiast

5. Farmers Markets vs. CSA’s and strippah recipes!

6. Falling in love with Ayurveda


Very sexy exciting times I do say! I promise to do my very best to stay out of trouble ; )



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  1. I always was concerned in this topic and stock still am, regards for posting .

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