“Girls” having fun being “Girls” Madame Rosebud by Ellen Stagg 8.9.12

I had the pleasure of posing recently for Ellen Stagg of both the Stagg Party (thestaggparty.com) and Stagg Street (staggstreet.com). I have been a fan for some some time, and was honored that Ellen made me one of her chosen for her anniversary show/site promotion. We spoke of shooting for two whole years, which is wild for me to contemplate! But things happened when they were meant to, I’m glad she caught me in this incarnation. Ellen is a lovely photographer, and an even lovelier woman. I felt so comfortable throughout the shoot I forgot we were working, the conversation was as pleasurable as the product. For that I consider myself very lucky. Fun fact about Ellen: she is known as “the Brooklyn Barbie Doll” for her love of the platinum icon. Soon I will post some fun glam shots she did of me as a blondie in keeping with her Mattel fetish.


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