PANTIES TWO…by Natasha Gornik

when i see them, i visualize very sheer kind of silky black panty hose attached and no bra and i’m not sure which sort of heels but heels for certain and i question would i be shaved for such delicate fabric? rubbing softly against my skin whenever i move and then i decide to keep the hair and let its fullness be seen through the mesh and some will poke through the panties and it keeps it a secret a pretty secret for a very select few if any maybe just keep it a secret and the color is so creamy and i really want to slip into them and feel them sliding up my leg and thigh over and on my hips the clasps of the garters landing gentle and cold on my thigh skin and i want to try them on in one of those soft floral affluent dressing rooms and a fair maiden comes to tend helping me clasp the hooks on the stockings kneeling to my right and she’s in a milk maid’s outfit and it goes to good places from there. so i buy them and wonder whether i will ever make that happen. tonight i’m eating popcorn for dinner.

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  1. admin says:

    this gives me a boner. i love you:)

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