THIS MEAL, I’D FUCK IT…by Natasha Gornik

an object of desire. i love it when i have one. it usually ends up a man, sometimes a woman, but mainly men. i like when my object of desire is still just that, a desire, and that keeps the flame hot violet blue hot and its a fun little game i like to play with myself. i like the excitement of it, the newness of it, i like the drive behind it i like it when the only person that knows about my object of desire is me i like to try to find details about them in that private online stalker way and i like that i usually get what i want and sometimes i don’t but i like the idea that i usually do and it gets me cravy and i burn a little on the inside with anticipation and i picture that i picture a fantasy i can go wherever i want with it because it doesn’t exist yet it hasn’t happened and the skies the limit on where i want my imagination to go with my object of desire. we can see each other across a darkly lit room and flirt with our eyes and end up in a bathroom stall with my legs wrapped around his waist and panties dangling from one ankle and then we can be strangers on a crowded train and he can be behind me and its so packed that he is pressed up against my ass and i’m in thin cotton which clings to me from the body heat and he is breathing on the back of my neck and we never actually touch but just the energy from that encounter is enough to drive me over the edge or i can wonder if he is kinky and if he’ll tie me up and play me the way that i like it and will he kiss me right and does he lick me and fuck me with that perfect rhythm and knows just what to whisper in my ear and he always does when he’s still in my mind still my object of desire. and i’m selective so selective although it isn’t like i choose it’s just like i know one look at that person and something inside of me says WANT and that’s all it takes. i don’t wonder about logistical things like job or whether he wants kids or any of that realistic bric a brac. no, this is all about desire and want and lust and the game of getting. and so far, i’ve never been disappointed with my objects of desire. and yeah this meal, i’d fuck it.

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