AUTHENTICITY MONTH: TWICE BAKED POTATO…by Natasha Gornik, keeping it real. 10.8.12

we double stuff him, me in front wearing Alex’s cock the harness snags my fishnets on the way up to my hips and i pretend to care but i really don’t and she puts him on the bed all fours legs spread so his lips rest right below the tip and tells him to kiss it and he does nice and sweet and starts to suck but she said kiss and reminds him of this so he starts pecking again all around and under and then uses his tongue to lick it and roll it up and down the shaft of my cock and my pussy starts to pulsate and then he begins to suck and i thrust my hips so it would go a bit deeper and she takes her fingers out of his asshole and works her dick in slowly first and she pulls up his shirt and my view gets better and my eyes go back and forth as he swallows both cocks one in his mouth one in his fuckhole and i throw my leg and heeled foot up on the bed for a better stance and he grabs my thigh without permission and she makes him ask and i pull out so it sounds like English and i nod and tell him only the left one and she starts to fuck him again this time he is more relaxed and it goes right in and she starts to slam his ass repeatedly her hot tits bouncing in the slick black latex bra and an audience forms and disperses and forms again and all of this gets me off and i jam it down his throat and he gags every so often and i love that sound and it makes me giggle gasp and soon there is a stream of saliva falling from the corner of his mouth and i am wet fucking wet and cram it in deeper and soon a puddle of bile and spit on the bedspread and he looks up at me with his moist doe like eyes all pretty boy style and Alex comments on them and we high five over his fucked body and she does not ease up and i like to watch the flesh colored dildo get all glistening and slide in and out from between his teeth his lips in a perfect O those big fucking eyes forming a perfect tear and we all groan and he feasts like one hungry little boy and soon my cock is replaced by a real one a man in latex a friend of Alex’s unzips his pants and pulls it out and i lounge on the bed watching the threesome wanting to touch myself but don’t for some reason or another and then as his cock is getting really hard from the blowjob and Alex is slamming away on that asshole again i decide i’m sleepy that it’s time to leave and give her the standard good bye cheek kiss over the sex and seek out the elevator excited for tomorrow morning’s pancakes. this time i will order blueberry banana.

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