MANHUNT calls me their “fave sex blogger”

For those not familiar with MANHUNT, it’s basically a gay hook up website where men post pictures of their dicks, asses, bodies, and sometimes faces in an effort to coordinate hook ups.  I joined the site back when I worked for Neopets from home.  I’d sign in and leave the browser tab open and basically annoy everyone because all I was looking for were people to chat with while I worked.  It was a healthy balance of debauchery and family-friendly good times.

All these years later and I am still a member, and I have even been asked from time to time to do guest posts for them.  The guy who runs their blog is a really cool guy named Dwight and he and I have had several fun chats, though I must admit I have mixed feelings about when they mention me.  Most recently Dwight called me their “fave sex blogger” which was pretty cool, but his readers in general don’t like me and typically disagree with me, usually based on nothing factual.  I am used to not being well-liked because of my condom policy and education so it is what it is, and all I can hope for is that someone listens when I talk.  Maybe they get annoyed that I lure them in with my tattooed pretty boy flesh and then BLAMMIE spring some reality on them like Gwyneth Paltrow in Glee’s “Sexy” episode.

“Just remember whenever you have sex with someone you’re having sex with everyone they’ve ever had sex with, and everybody’s got a random! #buzzkill”

The most recent post they mentioned me in was regarding a post I made regarding Gun Oil H2O on The INQUEERY, where I touched base on the difference between cheaper lubes vs. higher-end lubes.  This sparked a flurry of comments from the readers, one of which was ”Anyone who spends $50 or more on lube, no matter how good it is, needs some sort of professional help.”  Several other posters commented on how great they thought Astroglide was and scoffed at there being a reason to use anything else.  For the last five years on a daily basis I have heard it all, and their arguments were no exception to the rule.

It can be difficult to get through to people who feel this way, usually because they don’t care and really aren’t interested in hearing what I have to say, but as a sex educator and international babe it is my duty to get on my soap box for anyone that will listen.  It is also tough for most people to see you as sexy when you buzzkill them down with some information that might save their lives, but usually it just takes a few ass shots for them to forgive you for that.

In this instance I’d like to direct people to a post I made on May 28th 2010 regarding a study regarding lubes used anally.  Astroglide specifically was found to make contracting a sexually transmitted infection (STI) or HIV three times more likely due to the fact that it causes cell damage and dehydration in the anus.

Yeah, it’s totally the best…

Here’s hoping that people start paying attention to the junk they are putting in their bodies and begin taking care of themselves all around.

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