MANHUNTIN’: “do you have secrets tatoos on ur body?”

I mentioned before that I am on the cruise sites often when writing and that I usually am just there to chat and mess around.  I don’t really hook up the way people assume I do, I just like distractions.  I get bored when people contact me and clearly don’t have anything to say, though it is a cruise site so I’m not knocking them for it.  It just gets so boring being met with the same conversation starters over and over again:

“What’s up?”

“Nice tats!”

“You’re hot!”

These one-liners put the responsibility for the conversation to go somewhere 100% on my shoulders.  I typically just say thank you if it’s a compliment, otherwise I’ll just ignore the e-mail.  Unless they are abnormally hot, then depending on how much I am procrastinating (NOTE: as I write this entry I am actually procrastinating hard core) I will try to get some sorta banter going.  Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t, and sometimes things are just weird and make me giggle.

I thought I’d show you what me putting off work looks like.  It’s nothing extremely entertaining or smart, but it’s Sunday and I am hungover so deal with it. Keep reading if you’re interested.

Random Guy: nice tatoos!

Brandon B: Thanks!

RG: what’s up?

BB: Stretching, about to workout.  You?

RG: still in bed!

BB: What color is your bedding?

RG: navy blue

BB: Awesome!

RG: do you have secrets tatoos on ur body?

BB: Yes. In order to find them one must answer a series of riddles — each of which leads you to the next.  Upon answering the final riddle, I require that the participant remove the article of clothing covering said secret tattoo using only their teeth and one chopstick.

RG: what’s a chopstick?

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