April 30th is B-DAY

Faster kill pussycat! I think there’s a snake on that plane…

I announced today on TheINQUEERY.com that I am having a contest for my birthday. April 30th is officially B-DAY. My B-DAY to be exact! And what better way to celebrate than to give away some of the products that I have come to love and admire (especially during the winter cuz honey I am not getting my snow boots on for some booty).

Upon announcing it I was approached by several toy companies that wanted to share in the Brandon B celebration too! Sliquid is upping the ante by contributing my new favorite water-based lubricant, Sliquid Organics Oceanic as well as some other lubes of theirs that are great,  JimmyJane is offering a fantastically strong Form 2 vibrator, and The Pleasure Chest is paying my electric bills and rent so that I can afford to do giveaways such as these. Other prizes include a grip of Tenga Masturbation Eggs, and the B-Bomb buttplug from Tantus — which I am sure was named after me.

The rules for entering the contest are similar to the rules for entering my ass: TELL ME I’M AWESOME, BE FLIRTATIOUS, and BE YOUR FUN SEXY SELF. You can see the details here.

So what are you waiting for? How will you show me you love me…

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  1. Happy B day, gorgeous!

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