I attended the Sacred Sex Roundup on Friday where I was to speak on a panel about spirituality and sexual identity/orientation.  I believe the entire thing is going to be online soon so I’ll let you know when it’s posted so you can see how idyllically awkward I am in real life.

After the panel I received some very nice feedback on my presentation.  Words used to describe me were “captivating”, “compelling”, and “hunk”.  I’ve never been called any of those before, so it was really exciting to hear and it made me feel really positive about the panel — which ended up being a very interesting conversation.

At one point I revealed to the audience that I was half Native American.  People are always surprised to hear that, I’m not sure why.  Oh wait I know why, it’s because my skin is as white as a porcelain.  But yes, it is true…I’m Native American.  Hopi and Cahuilla to be precise.

When I was young and studying my roots I came across ritualistic shamanism and shapeshifting and studied it pretty heavily for a handful of years.  Shamans are individuals that communicate with the spirit world in order to handle situations in the physical world.  They don’t deal directly with medicine, exactly, but rather work to heal the spirit, which then translates to healing the body.  Interesting little side fact — gay shamans are considered two-spirited shamans, and are actually revered as especially powerful as they successfully exhibit the traits of both the masculine and feminine.  Gender fluidity runs rampant amongst many shamans and is actually highly respected.

There are a lot of theories behind shapeshifting, ranging from fairytale stories to lore to actual practice.  To successfully shapeshift isn’t necessarily to turn in to a bird or lion or snake.  Rather it is to focus on the being (be it animal or otherwise) and what qualities it is about that form that you wish to adapt into yourself, and by doing so you “shapeshift” into that being and adopt its qualities and skills.

Anyway, there really isn’t a specific point to any of this I just wanted to share a little about my background.  This Halloween I have shape shifted into a tribal wolf.  Hear me roar!

Oh I also shape shifted into a blonde for the first time ever.  What do you think?


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