Valentine’s Day and BJs, by Brandon B

Photo 2010 Walt Cessna

Valentine’s Day!

I love Valentine’s Day. I say it every year — people that like to whine about how “I don’t need a holiday to tell someone I love them” or “This was invented by the greeting card companies” can K my big porcelain A. If Valentine’s Day DIDN’T exist and someone said “Hey we should make a knew holiday. What if we had a holiday for love!” everyone would think that person was a genius, so bite me, it’s awesome.

I am hosting a blowjob workshop at The Pleasure Chest New York the day after which should be fun. My workshops always get such sweet feedback, and I always try to use that feedback from my audiences to keep my workshops fresh, informative and interesting. If you’d like to attend check out The Pleasure Chest’s workshop page for a list of all our upcoming workshops.

I have to go get dressed cute — my Valentine is picking me up from work today and I told him to dress goth and bring me flowers so that we can make everyone at the bar jealous of us.

Have a great Love Day!

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